Fun Idea (in my opinion)

I tend to buy most of my computer games through bundles, this inevitably means that I have some duplicates of games I have and some games I have no interest in. As a way for me to get rid of them, and a way for you guys to have fun, I have thought of a little contest. Starting with 3-13 (if you guys are interested in it) I will post an untranslated version of the chapter with the release of the previous one (so the 3-13 RAW will be released with the 3-12 translated). During the time up until the release of 3-13, you guys can work together to translate it. If the chapter is successfully translated by you, the readers, before the release date of 3-13, the top 3 contributors will have a chance at winning one of the games I have extra codes for. For the chance to win, I will randomly pick a number between 1 and 10 using an RNG, and the top 3 will pick their numbers. If no one guesses the right number, the number remains the same for the next chapter, so if the number was 5 but 1,2 and 3 were picked, everyone now knows that those aren’t it, and the next top 3 have a better chance. Another benefit of this is, if you finish translating early, you have a chance to read a completed version before my release. If you are interested in this idea, please comment below, and if you have any suggestions to improve it, please let me know.


Here’s a page with a good tutorial for MTL, the guide was made by Cyrogen of RTD. Link

Another thing, if you want to try this, let’s make it fun, you don’t have to translate exactly as it says it, try to make it fun. As I mentioned in response to GM Rusaku, there’s a group called Haru Party that was translating the ln/wn (not sure which) Yuusha Party. They made a “dude” translation of the novel, this made it slightly different from the original story, but it made it an interesting read. Basically, as long as we can get the story out of it, go wild and make the translation fun.

I’m going to be making a rules page for the contest, it will be under the Translation Game link from the main page, that will also be where I”ll posts the RAW chapters. I’ll try to jump on once or so a day to moderate it, just taking your translations and putting them in the page so you can see what’s been translated as it happens.


8 thoughts on “Fun Idea (in my opinion)”

    1. Yeah, it’s fine, in fact I’m planning to link a page that gives a good MTL tutorial. Another thing I encourage, don’t stick to being formal and right with the translation, this is meant to be fun. An example of this that I’ve seen was a group called Haru Party, who are part of Re: Translations, made a dude version of the Yuusha Party ln, sure it’s not as accurate of a translation, but it’s fun, and that’s the point of this.

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