Novel Recommendations

This is where I will list and link to, what novels I find interesting and have read. If you have any recommendations, please let everyone know. I will also mark the status of it, whether it’s complete, or ongoing, I will try to avoid ones that’ve been on long hiatus’s as I hate getting stuck in a good novel only to not be able to continue, and don’t want to force that on you (however, if they go on such a hiatus after I add them, that’s not my fault). Also, there’s no particular order to them, they just happen to be in the order of when I had them up or the order or the pages I follow on wordpress, so reverse chronological order of when I found them. I will, however, try to put related novels together in order (IE: Coiling Dragon comes before Stellar Transformations chronologically, even though the two stories don’t heavily impact each other at all).

If you recommend a novel in the comments, please add a link so we can all find it.

This page will be updated as I find time and find new novels.

Coiling Dragon – Complete

Stellar Transformations – Complete

Martial God Asura – Ongoing

Upgrade Specialist in Another World – Ongoing

Tales of Demons and Gods – Ongoing

Transcending the Nine Heavens – Ongoing

Dragon’s Bloodline – Ongoing

Sevens – Ongoing

Tate no Yuusha – Complete

The New Gate – Ongoing

Close Combat Mage – Ongoing

E? Heibon desu yo? – Ongoing

In a different world with a smartphone – Ongoing

Kumo desu ga nani ka? – Ongoing (they are caught up with the author, so releases are not regular)

Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World – Ongoing (Also caught up with the author)

Shinka no Mi – Ongoing

Science shall prevail over magic – Ongoing

Takami no Kago – Ongoing

Riot Grasper – Ongoing

Maou the Yuusha – Ongoing (an original novel, the owner of the site is the author, so the chapters that are up are what exist)

Doll Dungeon – Ongoing

The Bears Bear a Bare Kuma – Ongoing

100 Luck and the Dragon Tamer Skill – Ongoing

Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu – Ongoing

Death March – Ongoing

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – Ongoing

World Customize Creator – Ongoing

Hachinan – Ongoing

Legend – Ongoing

That’s about it for now, if I recall others (or notice them in the update thread) I’ll add them as I go. If anyone recommends a good one (in my opinion) I’ll also add it up here. This is just meant to be a page to help people find good stories to read and discuss them in general, so enjoy yourselves, and please recommend good novels to everyone.


9 thoughts on “Novel Recommendations”

  1. World Teacher?
    Death March
    Genjitsushugisha no Oukoku Kaizouki
    Parallel World Pharmacy
    tensei shitara slime datta ken
    World Customize Creator

    Look like we’ve got same preference, though haven’t been too keen with Chinese novels since I can’t follow their names correctly. (I read Doulou Dalu
    yet I still can’t remember which name for whom.) I’ve bookmarked all main pages, this and natsu’s too, so I won’t forget what I’ve read.
    There’s 55+ bookmarks already, lol.

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    1. I can’t believe I forgot to put down death march, must be because I decided to make it at 2AM. I did intentionally leave off World Teacher (for now) because it hasn’t been updated in a couple of months, although I think Defiring has said he’ll resume this month, I’m waiting for that. Other than that, World Customize Creator, Hachinan, and Tensei Slime I just forgot to add, I have read all of them to date though. I do agree that the names of the characters in the chinese novels are hard to read, but I just made my own system for it (mostly similar to japanese pronunciation) and stick with it, even if it’s wrong, it works for me. An example, in coiling dragon, the main characters name is Linley, if I’m right, properly pronounced it would be Lin (as in Tin) and ley (as in play), but I find that awkward so I pronounce it Linley (tin see).


  2. -Story Forever After (Elf)
    -Monster musume harem wo tsukurou
    -Jikuu mahou
    -Bringing the farm to live in another world
    -KENS (Shikaku trans)
    -The man picked up by god
    -Konjiki no wordmaster
    -Mushoku tensei

    Looks like i mostly read fantasy novel huh

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  3. I haven’t seen Story Forever After, I’m reading Monster Musume (didn’t have it added since I had forgotten, new update today reminded me it existed), Arifureta is good, but did anyone pick it up after Japtem dropped it? Jikuu Mahou I need to add to the list, I don’t know the Farm one, KENS, or picked up by god, Konjiki no Word Master is good, but is someone working on it? I won’t add ones that’re on infinite hiatus, since that just leads to more frustration, and I read Mushoku Tensei. I’ll be adding several of these to the list up above, and maybe the ones I don’t know if I can find them and they’re interesting.

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