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Chapter 11 – Intruder

「Haa, it’s finally over.」
Jin and Marcia both sighed.
While Jin was repairing the rental dock, Marcia was explaining to the neighborhood and apologizing.
「It’s already dusk…」
「We weren’t able to accomplish anything today.」
Because of the fire incident, the preparations for the competition including the adjustment of the ship weren’t able to be done that day.
「Well, there’s always tomorrow. The fishing work I helped with was only until today.」
「I see, then you can work on Cygnus from tomorrow morning.」
Jin then thinks about what Marcia says for a bit.
「By the way isn’t there a boat Marcia, Reiko and I can take?」
Because Marcia and Arrow are on Cygnus, it was easy for Jin to confirm the various adjustments the ship needed.
Marcia felt,
「Oh, I get it. Will the small boat I used for fishing be fine?」
Because it became misty in the wharf of the fishing ground, I decided to use it tomorrow.

That night.
「Reiko, sorry, but will you guard the dock of Cygnus? Because it will be difficult if something causes another disturbance.」
「Okay, I’ll call Luna from Horai.」
As she answered, Reiko passed through the warp gate which connected to Horai Island in the darkness, she instructed the golem girls Soleil and Luna.
「You called, older sister?」
「Yes, it is the decree of our most important father. Luna, you come with me. Soleil, you protect Horai Island.」
And she returns to Port Rock again.
「Luna, you protect this ship in this dock as I explained it」
And the other golem that was there, Arrow,
「Arrow, this child is your senior whom father also made. I want you to protect the ship and the dock.」
「AS YOU HAVE DECIDED.」(TLFalin: Since Arrow speaks in full Katakana, I’ve been assuming she’s supposed to sound like a machine, so I’m going to put what she says in full caps from now on to represent this. This only applies for the chapters I translate)
Arrow, the golem who’s leg strength was reinforced in particular, the fighting power isn’t also so (even by this worlds standards, it’s rather low). So it’s weak to the offensive from a foreign enemy.
「You are the newest younger sister. Well, please rely on me.」
Reiko who made sure of it came back to the hotel.

Reiko does not have to sleep. After Jin went to sleep, she paused quietly while investigating the surrounding signs. It should be a condition of it’s state until the morning comes.
「……An intruder?」
The number of people who forced open the locked back entrance to the Sea Pavilion was 2.If Jin who is the absolute master is not in danger, there is no reason to do anything.
「……Are they going up to the 2nd floor?」
She leaves the room quietly so as not to wake Jin and stands in the corridor. A host of footsteps seem to be going up to the 3rd floor. The room where Marcia is staying is on the 3rd floor.
She thought of Jin who was looking forward to the Golem Boat Race with Marcia, and Reiko judged it would be bad if anything happened to Marcia. She went to the 3rd floor following an intruder without making a sound.
When she arrived at the 3rd floor, an intruder was standing in front of the Heron room. It was clear at a glance that their objective was in the room, and Marcia is staying in there.

「What is your business at midnight?」
*   *  
The two people who were suddenly called out from the rear became stiff. They could probably be admired that they didn’t cry out of surprise.
When the two people turned around, they saw a beautiful girl with raven-black hair dressed in a white apron and a light blue dress.
「Well? What is it? Such a suspicious person at a place like this?」
One whispered in a low voice. Reiko who heard it,
「Suspicious. There is a woman staying in that room. Are you going to break in?」
Then, one person brandished a knife and silently attacked Reiko. It seems dialogue appears useless when they decide to stay silent.
*   *   
The knife instantly disappears from the hand of the man who attacked Reiko.
「Please, do not touch me with such a thing.」
Reiko had the knife in her hand before anyone noticed it. She folded the knife in two with her fingers and then folded it again. (TL: This could be translated as she broke it, but I always picture bending in a more humorous light, so I chose that translation instead)
As expected, the man who was astonished gave out a small cry. The other one is breaking open the lock to the door to enter the Heron room.
Reiko judged that as time was a priority she would have to change her power output to 20% from the standard 10%.
Her fist struck the pit of the stomach of the man in front of her and her knife-hand blow struck the neck of the man trying to open the lock instantly knocking them out.
The two intruders collapsed.
Reiko sighs out of character. Not killing is difficult at 20% power.
Reiko carries the 2 men under her arm. If a person saw this, it would be very surreal to them.
Without making any noise, Reiko comes down the stairs and out theback entrance that the men opened. She inspected her surroundings once more, but there wasn’t anything suspicious within 1 kilometer.
She determined that safety had been secured for a while.
「Shall I throw them away somewhere?」
Reiko says as she kicks off the ground.
Reiko ran without making a sound and continued at full strength for about 15 minutes and dropped the 2 unconscious people there. She didn’t know where it was, but it was an alley far in town.
Reiko then hurried back to Jin’s room.

「Aaah, I slept well.」
When Jin woke up in the morning, Reiko, as usual, was there.
「Good morning, father.」
「Ah, good morning. It looks like good weather today.」
「Umm, I need to tell you something.」(TLFalin: this is a good example of how I change things a little. Originally it says あの、ちょっとお話が which roughly translates to “umm, little story.” so I changed it a little to make it sound better.
「Hm? What’s wrong?」
Reiko explained what happened last night to Jin. After Jin heard the story, he folded his arms.
「Uuun, it’s too early to say.」
And the affair which showed signs of a series of interference will be linked.

The Magi Craftsman wasn’t found in the end.
All the Magi Stones had been bought up.
The quality of bronze he bought was bad.
The arson at the dock.
And the intruder last night.

He didn’t notice the magic interference formation at the town hall and the guard captain aimed at himself.
「…..Marcia is being targeted? No, the method of doing so is strange.」
The interference is meant to prevent Marcia from participating in the competition. The reasons for such a thing can’t be thought of though.
She isn’t a particular favorite an she also isn’t a famous shipwright.
Reiko did catch the intruder, and if interrogated they could reveal something, but it’s too early to say.
It’s bad to ask Reiko to consider something like that.
「Oh well, at any rate, I can’t yield to interference.」
Jin who concluded so for now was preparing and is now coming down to the 1st floor slowly. After washing his face, he goes to the dining room and Marcia is already there.
「Good morning, Marcia.」
「Oh, Jin. Good morning. What are we going to do today?」
After the 2 people quickly ate their breakfasts and fixed their outfits, they hurried to the harbor together.

Marcia arrived at the dock where Cygnus floated. Because Luna left a little earlier, there was no unnecessary trouble.
「Well, Jin, please go from here to that harbor, because my boat is there.」
As she said so and Arrow started to row, Marcia slowly left the port.
「Well, Reiko, let’s go.」
「Yes father.」
Jin gave Reiko the lump of bronze that was about to melt that laid on the rental dock, and went to the harbor the fishermen used.

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  2. Getting tired of jins attitude, if you can’t kill then atleast make sure your enemies won’t do the same shit again, like for example destroy the nobles house and exhaust their riches and funds, I mean they’re not the only who can do covert operations, so why not Jin do it too?

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