Possible Delay and Announcements

Normally, I do most of my translation on the weekends, but I have my military work this weekend. Chapter 12 is about 30% done right now, so I should be able to finish by the regular Sunday release, but because of college finals coming up, big projects and essays being due, and my military work, I may be a day late on release. Worst case is that it will be out on Monday, but I’m still aiming for the Sunday release. After this, 13 and 14 are already done, so there won’t be any problems with that, and after this month I’m on summer break. I won’t be increasing my release speed during the break because I’m going to be studying Japanese some more (I’m mostly an MTLer, although I can translate to a degree on my own). If I can improve my Japanese, I’ll be able to translate faster and avoid further delays. Again, I am still going to try to get chapter 12 done in time for the Sunday release, but that’s dependent on when my command let’s us go from work, we’ve had times where we’re there from 0600 (6AM) to about 2000 (8PM) and have to be back at 0600 the next day. I’ll do another status update at the beginning of next month to give details about what’s going on during the summer (since there are some things that’ll make it so I may not have internet for a period, military stuff). I will make sure that during that time all chapters are translated earlier so that I can schedule releases, this time was just due to my not planning it out well enough.


Chapter 12 may be delayed to Monday, but I’m still trying to get it out on Sunday.

Other things are coming up, mostly school stuff for the end of the semester and some military stuff.

I will do another status update next month about my summer plans and responsibilities.


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