New Translator Group

MCM has been picked up by another group (they didn’t talk to me about it, so I didn’t find out until now). They are called Sub-Par translations and they have already translated up through volume 6 chapter 9 as of this post and are going at a really good pace, especially considering they only started just over 2 weeks ago. Well, here’s a link to their page for anyone who wants to read more.

Thank you for your support during my short stint as a translator, and I apologize for all the delays and procrastination I did, but I hope you enjoyed reading as well.



8 thoughts on “New Translator Group”

  1. You can’t exactly blame them for it. Just like how you continue the project after Natsu’s hiatus 3 month later, they did the same as well.


    1. I’m not blaming them, and I talked with Natsu before I continued it. The only reason I’m annoyed is that I couldn’t let others know it was happening, that’s the biggest reason for talking to the previous translator before taking over a project in my opinion.


    1. Like I said, I have no problems with it being picked up, I just would have wanted to know so I could direct people your way rather than leaving them thinking it’s still not being worked on.


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