MCM 3-17

Sorry for the delay, and I had more time than I thought between the thing they needed me for at 4:30AM and my next bit of work (although having had coffee helped too). Enjoy the chapter! And just a reminder, the chapter on the 4th will be the only one guaranteed for the month of July. I have military training that begins shortly after and goes for most of the month, and probably won’t have internet available to work on things.

Translated by Falinmer

03-17 Reiko, Dispatch

「Magic? Where is it from?」
For a short while, Reiko was focusing on detection.
「Yes, with this feeling, it’s close to the turning point.」
The possibility of Marcia being targeted passed through Jin’s mind when he heard that, however
「While it’s possible, will that guy really interfere with the competition?」(TL: In case it’s not already obvious, I use the male pronouns when referring to an unknown or gender neutral, it’s not to be sexist or anything, but if the person being talked about hasn’t had their gender directly identified, assume it’s unknown)
「I can’t tell from here.」
「Then there’s the possibility that he will aim for Marcia, huh.」
Jin was folding his arms and thinking for a while, but while he and Marcia teamed up by chance, he wants Marcia to excel. He’d like to see the ship he made win the championship.
「Ok, I’ll go to the sea area.」
He couldn’t stomach the guy who was interfering with the competition.
「There should be a competition official in the area. If we find the saboteur, we’ll have to push him out.」
Jin said enthusiastically.
「Yes, Father, I’ll help you.」
Naturally, Reiko follows that course as well.
「Ok, then we’ll go by the ship we borrowed from Marcia.」
The paddle wheeler that was borrowed the day before yesterday is down at the pier. Jin and Reiko left their seats and hurried there.

「Oh? Jin and Reiko, where are you going?」
Reinhardt who was watching from the VIP seats saw the two people leave and walk towards the pier.
「Oh, what a fascinating ship. Is there a waterwheel on both sides? I want to go, but I’m in the VIP seats, is it impossible?」
The seats reserved for distinguished guests are divided by private rooms for every aristocrat, and a guard stands at every entrance and exist, so you can’t thoughtlessly leave your seat.
When he glanced at both of his sides, two maids were standing slightly behind him, and Reinhardt let out a sigh of resignation.
When he does this, Reinhardt sees the two people go out of the harbor with the ship.
「E? Eeeeh? It’s fast!」
He let’s out his voice unintentionally. Because it was natural, and the outer ring which Reiko turned sprayed the water high and left the port in no time.
Because most people were watching the competition, it was only Reinhardt and a few other people who saw it.

「Yosh, that’s good, keep it going Reiko.」
Because of the competition, Jin knew hardly any attention was paid to himself for skipping watching it from the start.
And then he confirmed that the audience seats couldn’t be seen anymore.
「Reiko, you may put out 20%.」
「Yes, Father.」
Although Reiko could afford to push harder, the materials of the boat couldn’t endure any more.
She turns the pedals at such a speed that her delicate arms aren’t visible. The water is sprayed several meters high and the ship advances like an arrow.
It’s a rate that exceeds 60 kilometers per hour. The speed is more than double that of the ships at the top of the competition.
Because it is an ordinary boat and not a catamaran, the stability is bad. Still Reiko handled it well and the extent of the danger felt was just a bit of shaking.

「Hey, what is that?」
One of he sailors on the ships of the staff on duty to relay the competition with the Magic Eye stared wide-eyed.
A ship the size of a canoe passed at a speed he thought impossible.
He sees a small man and a girl who wore a light blue dress with an apron.
「Is there something with my eyes?」
When he rubbed his eyes and saw it once again, the ship was gone and the white wake was disappearing into the horizon.

Jin and Reiko arrived at the open sea without going along the reef zone because they weren’t part of the competition.
They head towards the magic power that Reiko detected.
「How is it Reiko? Do you know where the opponent is?」
Reiko doesn’t answer. While rowing, it makes it harder to detect the magic.
When Reiko finally began to talk, she seemed apologetic.
「Father, these are not human beings. The mag was becoming stronger. It’s certainly Death Sea Serpants. There are about 40.」
It is the demon whom Reiko and Reinhardt exterminated.
「They’re advancing quickly. As we’re also going there, we’re rapidly approaching.」
「Are the Death Sea Serpents the demons you kept company last time?」
Jin asked to confirm.
「Yes, Otou-sama」
「Do you think you’ll be able to defeat it?」
Reiko nods to that question.
「Yes, no problem.」
「No problem, huh…..」
「If I have to mention a problem, I think that it will be a little time consuming.」
The opponent is 40 of them, and there is only 1 ship. As time goes on, the influence on the competition will only increase.
「We can’t afford to turn back here…」
The sea here is approximately 10 kilometers away from the uninhabited island “Io” that’s the turning point for the competition. There were no signs of the ships in the vicinity.
Now that the outer rings were worn out, they no longer seem to be able to go as fast as before. Before returning, there’s also the possibility of being attacked from the rear.
The bearings on the outer rings were worn down considerably. They had to make temporary repairs.
「I have no choice but to do it.」
Jin muttered to himself.
Jin considered how to deal with the characteristics of the Death Sea Serpents that he had heard of and gives a bitter smile.
He believed his and Reiko’s ability to do it, and time passed.

*   *  

「The enemy will approach in a few minutes.」
Reiko told him as she sensed the enemy. Jin then includes a little request at the end.
「Reiko, isn’t there a possibility that the Death Sea Serpents aren’t attacking?」
He asked, but Reiko said
「There is no possibility. The ferocious wave of magical power coming from them is full of destructive impulses, furthermore, Death Sea Serpents are carnivorous.」
When Jin heard that, he resolved himself.
「I see. Reiko, try to kill them at a distance as much as possible.」
After a few minutes passed, the surface of the sea to the northeast started to get choppy.
「They have come.」
Reiko, who’s eyesight was much better than Jins found it. Jin gave instructions immediately.
「Yosh, let’s do it!」


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