MCM 3-18

Just a reminder, as I’m going to be in training for most of the month, this is the only chapter guaranteed for July. If I have a chance, I will try to get out at least one other chapter, but again, there are no guarantees and even if I do it will not be on a set timetable. I will update the release date for the next chapter when I return from my training, until then, any releases will just be done and there will be no projected dates.


03-18 Interception!

「Flame Lance!」「Flame Lance!」「Flame Lance!」
Reiko continuously launches Flame Lances as a preliminary test.
When the first shot landed, a huge Death Sea Serpent broke the surface of the sea and lifted it’s sickle shaped neck.
「Flame Buster!」
The advanced flame magic paid off as it blew off the head of the death sea serpent.
「One down」
As the first one was defeated, three more appeared through the surface of the sea as though they didn’t even notice the first one.
「Flame Buster!」「Flame Buster!」「Flame Buster!」
Reiko hits them with three consecutive flame magics, furthermore, two of their heads are blown off while one enters a wave.
「Three more.」
One of them noticed it coming and avoided the Flame Buster by diving into the water, thus the third shot missed.
Jin had seen it.
「It went into the water. See if you can smoke it out.」
The considered tactics are put into effect.
It’s an engineering magic which checks for internal flaws of a target by sound waves, but when raising the strength, it’s possible to have an influence on a creature in the water.
Jin turned a full strength sound wave towards the sea.
It appeared that ten or more of the death sea serpents fled after that one from all over the sea. Fish both big and small fainted and floated to the surface.
「Now, Reiko!」
「Flame Buster!」「Flame Buster!」「Flame Buster!」「Flame Buster!」「Flame Buster!」
Five of the death sea serpents disappeared into the seaweed in the sea as the flame magic was given off continuously.
「8 dead」
But some of the death sea serpents were able to flea into the sea.
So Jin,
「I’ll smoke them out again, Reiko, try to attack with thunder attribute magic this time.」
「Okay, I understand」
「Good, here we go, Sonar!」
Because of the impact of another sonic wave, the Death Sea Serpents surfaced again.
「Thunder Rain!」
Reiko showered them with a top tier thunder magic.
The death sea serpents who were hit by it writhed in pain and showed their stomach as they fainted and floated to the surface.
「Ok, no holding back. Again!」
Jin casts Sonar at max power while Reiko showers the Death Sea Serpents with Thunder Rain as they float to the surface.
More Death Sea Serpents fainted and floated to the surface.
「That’s about half.」
「However, there’s a lot of them. Let’s fall back for a moment.」
Approaching Jin may be as dangerous as approaching Reiko. Reiko retreats quickly. (TL: Sorry for the clumsy line, it’s confusing and I’m still not sure if I understood it correctly. Here’s the raw for anyone who want’s a crack at it. 近づかれると礼子はともかく仁が危ない。礼子は急いで後退する。)
There were two of the death sea serpents which noticed that the small boat in front was the source of their danger.
The distance between them is instantly crossed by the power of the Death Sea Serpent.
Reiko had devoted herself to controlling the boat and her interception was a little late.
The jaw of one of the death sea serpents drew near immediately.
「Water Jet!」
Jin approached and aimed at the upcoming Death Sea Serpent and released a spell. Because it was faster than the speed of sound, the water blade couldn’t fail at decapitating the death sea serpent.
「Uwaa!? This is terrible.」
Jin and the others were bathed in the blood which gushed out, but another Death Sea Serpent approached in the meantime.
「Water Jet!」
Jin used Water Jet again. They weren’t bathed in blood this time because there was a little distance between them and the death sea serpent.
「Father, what was that just now?」
Reiko asks in surprise.
「Oh, that was engineering magic. Water Jet. It can even cut adamantium.」(TL: I forgot, Reiko wasn’t there when he used it on the golems.)
「As expected of Father!」
Reiko appears joyful, even at a time like this.

While working in this manner, they were able to get away from the group of Death Sea Serpents. There are about 15 of them left now.
「Will the effect be light from this distance? Water Jet!」
Jin’s Water Jet cut the bodies of two of the Death Sea Serpents in half, but the remaining 13 produced a curtain of water and stopped it there.
「Tch, is it strong against the water attribute after all?」
The Water Jet goes through the curtain of water which the death sea serpents created, but the power is considerably weakened and is bounced off of their scales without injuring them.
There were 13 left and they raged as they drew their bodies together while aiming to strike at Jin and the others. As a result, their movements stopped for a moment, then…
「Mana Explosion!」
Reiko’s most powerful attack magic exploded. This magic can only be used on a target with magical power, it’s necessary to aim at the magic stone Core to suppress the power.
Otherwise neighboring magical powers will also cause explosions, it would be ridiculous.
8 of the Death Sea Serpents were blown apart by the one Mana explosion.
Because of one that had fainted and was floating nearby was involved, 17 of them had been accounted for. This left 5 alive and moving.
「Uotto! It’s shaking.」
The small boat was shaken in the aftermath of the explosion.
「Once again… they were a little too close.」
Reiko refrains from firing a second Mana Explosion.
She considered the safety of Jin and was careful. The remaining Death Sea Serpents were approaching.
An intense red light goes through the head of a Death Sea Serpent. When it hit the curtain of water, it made it evaporate in an instant and went from that hole through the Death Sea Serpents.
In the blink of an eye, the remaining 5 Death Sea Serpents were instantly killed. When Reiko saw this,
「Father, is that also engineering magic?」
「Yeah, I was improvising, but it went well. Originally it is an application of the simple magic “Light”.」
“Light”. It’s a magic used to light up ones hand and look for things in dark places.
「But I amplified the light to an extreme intensity until the wave is coherent.」(TL: Laser light is monochromatic, coherent, intense and the sides of the beam are almost parallel. (I just copied that from a page I found with a quick google. ))
Jin can do it so simply because it’s magic, but on earth a large device was needed. But Jin lives with the knowledge of both modern Earth and a Magi Craft Meister.
It’s a fusion of science and magic. it is a higher level which his predecessor as a Magi Craft Meister, Adrianna Balbora Ceci, had aimed for.
「As expected of father.」
Reiko said while giving a fatal blow to a Death Sea Serpent which had fainted.
「Hmm, well, it’s not dealing a fatal blow as expected.」
Although Jin had some reluctance towards attacking an unconscious enemy one-sidedly, Reiko who didn’t have such feelings worked indifferently.
「Is it over?」
「Yes, I do not feel anymore magic.」
As the sea became quiet, Jin washed away the victim’s blood in the sea. Because the clothes are made of magical materials like Reiko, it’ll become clean again soon.
「Well then, let’s go back.」
「Yes, Father.」
Slower than when they came, Jin and Reiko began to return.


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  4. Unless the magic screen was pointing at them they are probably to far out to see, it was the turnaround point which should be the farthest point from the stands.


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  7. Approaching Jin may be as dangerous as approaching Reiko. Reiko retreats quickly. (TL: Sorry for the clumsy line, it’s confusing and I’m still not sure if I understood it correctly. Here’s the raw for anyone who want’s a crack at it. 近づかれると礼子はともかく仁が危ない。礼子は急いで後退する。)

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  8. 近づかれると礼子はともかく仁が危ない。礼子は急いで後退する。

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