MCM 5-09


Translated by Falinmer

05-09 Vs Golem

The leader of the bandits was a mage.
Therefore, he didn’t go out and fight in the front, his subordinates were distributed instead.
His aim was the daughter of a nobleman. She had an excellent appearance and could use magic. She was a target that was commissioned by a certain person.
The info they had was the noble’s cousin, who uses golems, was occupied elsewhere. It was a great opportunity.
He pretended to aim for them from the front, while he had two of his subordinates positioned to flank them from behind. While his followers were being beaten from the front and they grew careless, his other subordinates would carry off with the girl.
The subordinates in the front are the sacrificial pawns. He had made them into puppets with his magic, and didn’t care what happened to them.

But, the plan was completely shattered.

The golem that was given to him by the mysterious man from before was his remaining fighting power.
The golem, which was given free of charge, had tremendous power in exchange for a considerable amount of magic power from the operator.
In the past, when he decided to try it out, he had killed one company in no time without taking any damage.
Since then, this golem had become the bandit chief’s trump card.

*   *  

The last remaining bandit was a mage.
「[In exchange for my magic power]」
The transparent ball, the size of a babies head, that he held in his hand began to shine.
And when he raised the ball overhead, a huge shadow appeared from behind him.
「That…. a Golem!」
Adberg the butler yelled in surprise. He didn’t think that a bandit would have a golem.

「That golem!?」
Jin raised a voice of surprise.
「Do you know of it, Jin?」
Elsa asked after she heard the words from Jin while she protected Mine.
「Yeah, I have seen a golem that looked similar before in the Klein Kingdom, but that is….」
The golem that he encountered near Toka village that became the prototype for Gon and Gen was twice as big.
It was 4 meters tall, it’s surface shined a dull silver-gray all gave it an abominable atmosphere.
「Elsa! Recall the others!」
Jin felt something ominous so he called to Elsa. Elsa also thought things felt unusual.
「Grandfather! Hellman! Otto! Over here!」
It appears that Otto is the name of the servant.
However, the three people didn’t follow Elsa’s command. It seems they intended to attack the golem to the last, at least the butler, Adberg and the escort Hellman did.
「It’s useless! Your opponent isn’t human!」
Jin also cried out. Although Reiko could handle it, there was the example from when the two golems appeared in Toka village.
Elsa continued to protect the nanny, Mine. Even if it’s Reiko, she can’t be in two places at once.

「Not good. Those two aren’t listening to us.」
Elsa sighs as the two people won’t return even when called.
「Since that’s the case, we have to help from here.」
Thinking calmly, Reiko has the greatest offensive power, while Jin has his special bracelet as well.
And for defense, Jin has the bracelet, Reiko the pendant, and Elsa has the [protection ring].
However he thought about it, Reiko should go relieve them.
「Elsa, hold Mine closely and cast [barrier]」
「Yes, [barrier]」
And Elsa said the keywords. A wall was set up around them both. Jin who saw it,
「Reiko, beat them as quickly as possible and please return.」
「Yes, as father says so.」
And Reiko starts running.
Jin looked around cautiously, because an attack from another bandit could come, so he stands between Elsa and the bandits just to be sure.
Elsa turned her eyes towards Jin’s reliable back.

*   *  

Although Hellman’s sword could reach the golem, it couldn’t even leave a scratch on the surface.
「Could it be, no way…. Adamantium!?」
The silvery-gray shine belongs to adamantium. If that’s the case, there’s no sword that can penetrate it.
But as a guard of Elsa, Hellman was unwilling to withdraw.

Adberg intended to strike the enemy who was manipulating the golem. However,
He felt as though he had hit steel with his stick.
「Fufufu, did you think that I was defenseless?」
The magician had a barrier around himself.
「This guy… is a difficult opponent.」
Adberg also gets impatient.
「However, your aim is probably the young lady. If I don’t knock you down then… milady!?」
The butler looked back at Elsa who he was supposed to protect in fear and his spine froze.

Behind Elsa, the same type of golem as before was approaching.
「Milady!? And Mine!?」
Elsa who was embracing the bloody Mine was down, and the golem was rushing at her.

「Ku, you had two!?」
Cried Jin as he turned around.
When he was attacked by the golems in Toka village, there was also two. His prediction proved true when it attacked from the other side.
「The bandit’s attacked from behind, and the golem did the same!」
Jin turned around slightly, and the golem attacked Elsa with its hand.

「Fufufu, with this it’s over.」
The leader of the bandits licked his lips and didn’t give any more orders began to talk.
But he couldn’t say anything. His universe was turned upside down.
The bandit chief was sent flying and flung against the ground on his back.
He fainted without saying anything.

Reiko muttered so, having broken the barrier forcibly and flung away the bandit.
Then, while facing the golem, [peach blossom] flashed.
The guard, Hellman, could hardly believe his eyes.
The golem that he couldn’t even scratch, no matter how much he attacked, was cut in two with a single stroke of a sword.
It was split into the top and the bottom, and with a metallic sound, fell down. The magic circuits were disconnected and it couldn’t move anymore.
And Reiko turned back towards Jin.

As the arm of the golem approached Elsa and Mine…
Instinctively, Elsa and Mine hugged each other and screamed.
But the hand of the golem stopped just before it reached Elsa.
*   *  
Towards Elsa who looked confused with a pale face, Jin said
The power of his [laser] which boasted dozens of times of a normal one could only be used by Jin.
After the broad laser passed, the lower part of the body evaporated and the rest of the golem fell down.

「Fu, it’s good that it works. The ring can stop most attacks.」


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  1. babies head -> baby’s head

    The bandit’s attacked from behind -> bandits (not possessive) unless you meant “bandit’s attack”.


  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    Btw. I don’t think elsa’s “grandfather” is there, right?
    So she probably says “Jii-san” or “Ojii-san” which can mean “grandfather” but also just “old man” and is also often used when people talk to older men they have a close relationship with but aren’t actually blood-related to.
    As such for Westerners like us the best comparison would be for Elsa to use the butler’s given name or a special nickname to call him.
    As we don’t know the butlers given name (unless “Adberg” is his given name instead of his family name) Elsa could also call him “Uncle Adberg” showing her close relationship to him even though he is not blood-related to her but “just” her butler.


  3. It should be something like “oldman” than “grandfather” 😅

    Yet another raw material for Jin, maybe for shock absortion for the carriage


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