MCM 5-4

Here’s the 4th

Translated by Rabie

05 – 04 Mof village

Although there was trouble, the carriage progressed smoothly after that, arriving at the destination Mof village, at around dusk.

Although the slope illuminated in the evening after-light was a dry grass colour, it is usually covered by a pasture between spring and summer, and is covered with colourful flowers blooming, or so Elsa explains.

“You know quite alot”

Jin is impressed,

“Because I had travelled to Potlock on the same road when summer was in full bloom,”

Such an answer came back.

Well, even in this village, facilities for accommodating travellers who are traveling on the highway are enriched, by the way the coachmen and attendants are heading to the inn, while the four of them, Jin, Reiko, Elsa and the nanny are foreign nobles and employees, and by telling a nobleman friend, they were to be taken care of at the village head home.

“Jin, will let the horses rest so our departure will be the day after tomorrow”

Jin who was told by Elsa headed to the village heads home while thinking about attaching a damper this time.


Dinner of the day is bread and cheese dishes. It seems that cheese is a famous dish here.

Bread has quite the whiteness, which means that the village head may know how to appropriately welcome Elsa.

Cheese cuisine begins with cheese itself, oil fried cheese, salad with cheese. Bread is bread baked with cheese and two baked cheese.

The drink was milk or Brule [buru-ru] juice.

“I like bread baked with cheese.”

That’s when Elsa put cheese on some bread and handed it to the waiter for baking. Jin kept the cheese as it was and tried it.

“This cheese is delicious”

Jin wants to buy some and send it to Horai Island if he can.

“What is this Brule?”

Jin drank the dark purple juice and asked Elsa who liked the taste.

“It is a fruit made from a low tree growing in the mountains, it is a famous cuisine here”

Jin admired that there are famous products unique to the mountain region. I wonder if this fruit can be found on MT. Horai, and I wonder if I can make this Brule.

“Oh, did it not suit your tastes?”

While Jin was contemplating the village chief asked. Jin hurriedly,

“No, it’s very delicious.”

He answered, and the village mayor who heard it smiled satisfactorily. Reiko gazed at such a Jin.


When I tried to go back to the room after the meal,

“Customers, I am sorry, we cannot prepare for bathing because there is a shortage of water in front of the spring rainy season, so …”

“I understand. You only have to prepare some water to wipe the body.”

Elsa replied, before anyone else could.

“Really? Thank you for your kindness.  I will have it in the room later.”

Jin entered the room thinking that a village in the highland is likely to have a shortage of water.

A little girl like Elsa brought me some water for the tub. Jin asked the child.

“Is it good for a moment? Is the weather here really bad here?”

Then the child,

“Customers do not know? Yes, rain hardly falls in winter and summer, the rain often falls in spring and autumn.”

Then pointing to the water in the tub,

“This water is not for drinking, each household has a barrel as a reservoir, there is spring water too, but then there isn’t enough for washing or cleaning, we use the water which is pooled in a big reservoir for that.”

“So this water is the water you got from that reservoir?”

“Yes, it is the water that we cleaned the water with cloth.”

“Okay, thanks.”

That’s what the girl thanked for and left.

“After all, the water situation is not very good”

When Jin murmured, the door was knocked.


Reiko opened the door and Elsa was standing. She was wearing a dress until a while ago, but now she was in a light blue kimono.

“Did you receive water?”

“Oh … just a while ago”

When Ji pointing, Elsa points to that water,

“Because it’s too cold to wipe the body, you should heat it up before you do”

“Oh, yes.”

That said, Jin puts his hands in the water,


As he said that steam started to stand out,

“Well, this should be OK”

Elsa who was watching it,

“What was that just now?”

“It’s heating, engineering magic.  Magic that warms an object or liquid”

“In such a way?”

“Oh, that was? Did you mean Elsa was going to do the hot water with magic?”

As it says so, Elsa’s cheeks dyes a little red,

“It’s already good, good night.”

When I said that, I turned back and went back to my room.

“Did I do something wrong despite taking care of the water?”

When Jin asks so Reiko,

“No, father didn’t do anything bad, Elsa, who was lacking words, is bad.”

Jin smiles bitterly,

“You, can’t you talk about her a bit more sweetly? Anyway she invited you to come with us.”

“It was Ms. Reinhardt who invited me, not Elsa.”

Reiko is incomprehensible.

“But, Elsa is a relative of Reinhardt, and now Elsa is the only one here”

Jin repeatedly said that Reiko was reluctant,

“Okay, if it’s father’s suggestion.”

Reiko was nodding.

“Well, did you understand?”

That said, Jin made Reiko sit on the bed, He also sat next to him,

“Yoshi Yoshi”

“… ….”

Jin stroked Reiko’s head. Yesterday, because Reiko was emotionally unstable, she worried about Jin.

Just for a while, Jin was stroking the head of Reiko. And when I was about to go to bed I noticed that the hot water was cold.


* * *


Bread came out the next morning, though the bread came out, but the cheese was modest, instead a blue jam and a read jam came out.

“This is?”

“Flap jams, it’s a small tree like grass and we end up with a lot of red fruits in the fall.”

I tried painting the bread with it and tried it, it’s sweet, sour and tasty. Compared with eating, the sourness is stronger than the Brule, and Jin likes this one.

Elsa saw that she liked sweet and she seemed to like the blue jam. But, I do not see Jin’s still stuck something. ( エルザはと見れば、彼女は甘い方が好みなようで、ブルールのジャムがお気に入りな様だった。だが、まだ何かこだわっているのか、仁の方を見てこない。)

Reiko was silent and ate it discreetly.


I will go out after eating. I wanted to see the spring water and reservoir.

However, something in the sky attracted Jin’s eyes.


It was a white object, a “Kite” that flew in the sky.


Thank you for reading.


12 thoughts on “MCM 5-4”

    1. Thanks for the chaps festival!

      Suggestion :
      –> looking at elza, it looks like she likes sweet things, therefore it seems she likes brule jam. But, she looked distracted/something on her mind, [i’m not sure why this was mentioned or if it even matters, which makes me doubt my translation a bit–>] she did not look/take a glance at Jin at all.

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      1. I think it’s like this:

        [If you look at Elsa, she seems to prefer the sweet one as it seems that blue jam is her favourite.
        But still stuck on something / remembering something she didn’t (dare to) look at Jin.]

        Or a with little bit of interpretation the second sentence could be:

        [Still remembering /being embarrassed about last evening, Elsa avoided looking at Jin.]

        In other words it simply tells us that she is still embarrassed about the time when Jin asked her how she intended to warm up the water.
        The issue is that Jin easily and without spectacle heated the water to the temperature he needed while on the other hand Elsa probably intended to use fire magic like fire ball to heat the water forcely.
        So she is embarrassed about her using a “brute force” method even though she hails from a kingdom rekown for their magic craftsmen / engineers.


  1. Bread came out the next morning, though the bread came out, but the cheese was modest, instead a blue jam and a read(should be red) jam came out.


  2. Sorry about being frank about it. But the last few chapters suck…. Is it just machine translation? Please edit them. You don’t need to edit the latest chapter first. Please add a note at the end of the latest chapter when you edit a chapter so that the readers can go back to that chapter and read the edited one. Please. You really need to edit it. The POVs are messed up in addition to other mistakes btw.


  3. Please don’t t take next word as offense, but i had to say this. There was so much of grammatical mistakes that my had was spinning.


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