MCM 3-16

Sorry for being late. I’m going to move my release dates to Mondays (even though it’s been that way for a while because of my procrastination/reading/work) to avoid the work issue as much as possible. Just a reminder, I’m not going to be present next month. I will try to have some work translated ahead of time, but I can’t guarantee any releases for July.

Other than that, we are out of the pre-translated chapters (have been since 3-14, but I forgot to mention it) so everything from here on is being translated as I go.

Now, without further ado

Translated by Falinmer

03-16 Start of the Finals

The next day had fine weather, which made it perfect for the competition.
After breakfast, Jin and Marcia had a last meeting in front of the competition venue.
「Because the ship was built to be as maintenance free as possible, I don’t think it’s condition should have changed that much.」
「Yeah, I believe you, Jin.」
「So, what’s your strategy?」
「Ah, As far as I’ve seen for this year’s course, the area starting from the bay is a technical stage, so I think I’ll suppress it until I pass there.」
The catamaran tends to lack quick mobility, but there is still a chance for the shiop operator to show what they can do.

「Well, it’s up to Marcia once you start, you can do as you like.」
When Jin says so, Marcia holds out here right hand.
「Jin, thanks for working with me and putting up with my selfishness. It was good to be able to meet you that day.」
Jin grasps here hand as well. There is nothing else that Jin will be able to do from this point on.
「Yeah, do your best.」
「Well then, I’m off.」
After Marcia turned away from Jin and walked 2 or 3 steps, she suddenly stopped and looked back.
「The swimsuit was too much.」
After she said so, Marcia left for the port.
Jin is in the staff seating like yesterday.
By the way, Reinhardt and the noble man, Valentino, are in the seats reserved for the distinguished guests arranged for the aristocrats. On the other hand, the staff seating isn’t so full and is pretty much empty.
「I wonder why it’s so vacant?」
Jin chooses a seat and sits down, while saying it’s crowded, he still prefers this. Next to Jin is Reiko.
「Now then, I’m looking forward to this.」
Jin muttered so.
「Our team winning is already decided.」
Reiko says, but Jin,
「No, a competition is also a matter of luck as to whether we win or not, and no one knows what will happen, therefore it’s interesting.」
He leaned back into his chair as he said so.

*   *  

「Now, what we’ve all been anticipating, the long awaited finals!」
It was time and the voice of the announcer sounded. The audience seats were also more full today than they were yesterday.
「For today’s finals, the feudal lord of the Elias Kingdom’s southern Zause state has come to our Port Lock, Lord Dominique de Firentsiano! (TL: How フィレンツィアーノ is his last name, if you’ve got a suggestion for how to read this please let me know, I was thinking Italian or something like that when I read it.)」
Just after the announcement, a female feudal lord waved her hand from the most expensive VIP box. (TL: It specifies woman, I was confused by the name Dominique (i originally used Dominick) into thinking it was a man)
「14 high speed boats, none of which are inferior, have entered this year. Who will win? The competitions final race will begin soon!」
14 ships left the dock that was for the exclusive use of competitors and went ahead slowly through the inside of the bay and gathered at the starting point.
「The golem boats with the beautiful female operators wrapped in multicolored swimsuits. Which ship will lead us to the climax? Let’s find out with our own eyes!」
The cheers increased.
「Wow, the guests are excited too, huh.」
「That’s right, the report says that the audience is larger by 2 tenths more because of the design of the swimsuit.」
After this, the one-piece swimsuit became the standard for the competition.

「Now everyone, the start preparations have been completed. Now we just need the countdown to start.」
Meanwhile, everyone quites down as they wait for the countdown.
During the thunderous cheer, the 14 ships started.

The first to jump out were number 1, “Elias’s Glory” followed by number 3, “Blue Marine” and 28 “Sea Bird”.
Marcia on the “Cygnus” was currently in 7th place.
「Started a little late.」
Jin murmured blankly. When she started, she had to delay to avoid the next ship and was a little late.
「When in a melee, the catamaran may be slightly disadvantageous.」
Because she didn’t want to bump the hull of the “Cygnus” she contented herself with 7th place for now.
「Bernard, the first and third are starting to fall out as expected.」
The announcer is the same as yesterday.
「That’s right, from what we’ve seen in the preliminary it’s reasonable. The one that’s about to take 3rd, number 28, seems to have passed through the confusion at the start.」
「Is number 35 delayed?」
「Based on yesterdays catch up, I think that it could catch up after this. I’m anticipating what’ll happen next.」

As the commentators had expected, when Marcia got out of the bay and into the open sea she accelerated.
「Did you see number 35 spurt ahead?」
Marcia passes 6th place and into fifth place and is pressing in on number 10 in 4th place.
Confirmation by the naked eye becomes difficult from this point, so a picture reflected on the Magic Screen has to be relied on.
「It came out as expected, didn’t it Bernard?」
「Yeah, number 35 is as fast as expected, isn’t it? Since the obstacles have decreased by going out into the open sea, they can now display their full ability.」
Cygnus just overtook number 10 and reached 4th place, just as the race breaks into the second stage.

The second stage is a reef zone with an uninhabited island, “Io”, located at the turn point.
「Competitor number 1 breaks into the reef zone still in 1st followed by numbers 3, 28, 35, 10, and 18.」
「Because of the reef, navigation will be important here.」
Because they have to detour around the reef to avoid it, they are not able to reach their highest speeds.
Competitor number 1 is Riche, a veteran ship operator, but they can’t make full use of the driving force of the strong golem.
Number 3, Elsa handled the ship without the risk of danger, and Lorelei responds to that too.
Number 28 is taking advantage of the combination of the oar, rudder, and 4 arms to use their full mobility to advance through the reef zone.
And number 35, Marcia, rejoiced at being able to accelerate like she wanted thanks to the golem Arrow.
「As expected of Jin, you can do it!」
A golem with autonomy and the mutual understanding of the “Master/Slave” communication could convey the delicate controls well.
This was a result of the magic Jin applied to the hull called Surface Treatment.
Everyone has a slight magical power, and Marcia’s is transmitted through the hull to Arrow.
Because delicate acceleration and deceleration is possible, it makes up for the lower mobility.

But not everyone is getting along so well.
「Ouch! Number 34 seems to hit a reef! Their ships hull seems to be damaged, seems they’ll have to retire here.」
Some of the ships couldn’t avoid the reef and have retired. Some among them even sank.
「Again! They couldn’t avoid number 16 and the hull hit the reef! Oh, well, it’s sinking! Is the ship operator alright?」
The ship of the race officials who was standing by rushed up and rescued the ship operator.
「The swimsuit is torn mercilessly! Is the ship operator safe?」
A rescue scene was reflected in the large Magic Screen. The ship operator who’s swimsuit was torn was reflected in it, and it lead to a scene that did not change regardless of the world in that the men raised from their seats giving shouts of joy. (TL:Just goes to show, it doesn’t matter what world you go to, we men are perverts)

「The lead group has just broken through the reef area! In the lead are number 1 and 3, followed by 25 and 35!」
「The leading order doesn’t seem to have changed, has it? Well, that’s the natural result, overtaking in that zone is difficult. But numbers 28 and 35 are closing the distance with 1 and 3, aren’t they?」
In the reef area of the 2nd stage, 4 other ships had to drop out, 34, 2, 16, and 12.

The 3rd stage is the open sea, a speed stage without any obstacles.
Everyone can show the maximum speed they have. After the deserted island “Io”, there is the turning point.
「Number 3 spurted ahead! Fast, fast! As they start to line up with number 1, number 1 also increases their speed!」
Although Elsa tried to outrun him, Riche lets her golem accelerate more to full speed and keeps the top position.
「28 and 35 are also increasing their speed!」
It was possible to see this from the audience seats through the Magic Screen.

「You can do it, Marcia.」
「Yes, the magic power connection with Arrow is being used well.」
Jin and Reiko were judged with a sense of security.
「It’s finally the open sea.」
「Yes, but there are also waves, aren’t there?」
「Because it’s a catamaran, there shouldn’t be a problem. Will Marcia spurt ahead from here?」
As the golem boats drive fast towards the east, they leave a white wake and disappear towards the horizon. The speed is approximately 30 kilos per hour. By the way, the knot is not used in this world.
They cut to a different Magic Eye and the top group which was still advancing were seen on the Magic Screen.
「Marcia seems to have risen to 3rd place.」
The magic screen projected Marcia in her swimsuit as she steered the Cygnus. Jin thought the number of men approaching Marcia would surely increase after the competition.
While Jin was thinking about this, Reiko suddenly raised a tense cry.
「Reiko? What is it?」
「……I feel some magic.」


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