MCM 5-5

And the 5th

Translated by Rabie

05 – 05 Kite making
“That is definitely a kite,”
Mof village is a village where there are many places where the wind is strong as it is in a mountain area. There is nothing to do with kite flying. Although Jin isn’t interested in the history of kites, he is interested in the kite itself.
A long time ago, remembering the memories of kites flying high in the sky made by young children in the orphanage.
A kite here is shape that the diamond under becomes long, Do I only have to say?  The simple one that the bone was combined with ten characters in length and width.
“If the kite’s not made of paper then what is it?”
There is no Japanese paper in this world. I don’t even see Western papers. I only saw what I wrote on parchment or thin board, so I’m worried about something like that attached to a kite.
“Hmm, does customer also have that?”
When turning around, the village head was standing there. Looking from a bright place, His suntanned face is like the tanned paper when I see it in a bright place, but it seems to be surprisingly young.
“Yes, the shape is different”
“That is very interesting, if I may ask, you, a magic craft maker, Though it might be mere child’s play such as the kite making, Could you show it by making one?”
Jin while being bored that there is only one and with the polite wording.
“By all means. Thank you very much for the material.”
“Please, say nothing of it”
Because of that, Jin returned with the village chief.

“Father, is he making something?”
Reiko who was learning the dishes that Jin liked at the village head home arrived.
“Oh, a kite.”
“It’s a kite? The thing that you fly in the New Year at father’s old home?”
Reiko, whose knowledge of Jin is transcribed irregularly, seems to know about kites.
“Oh, because the wind is stronger in winter”
It is a story centered on Kanto where the winter seasonal wind called breeze blows. It seems that conventions are taking place in May at Hamamatsu and around April in Nagasaki.
As for now, Jin thought what kind of kite to make before the material the village head was prepared.
“Well, I guess you are sticking to tanned leather”
Animal leather that closely resembles a goat living in Takayama. The color is white and very thin, but still heavier than paper.
“It seems a fancy kite is rather bad for now,”
That’s why Jin decided on “Flexible Kite”.
Based on a square or a vertically elongated rectangle, draw a line quarter lengthwise and attach bones to the left and right lines except the center.
The grain is a standard at both ends, one from the top is a reference, and if it is shorter than that, it is a so-called “ceiling kite”, that is, a kite to raise altitude, and it becomes a kite flying far if it is longer.
And when cutting from the line of threads to the top of the left and right bones with a straight line, the bottom will be a long deformed hexagonal kite.
“It’s a little heavier so it should be shorter by one third?”
For one, I made three things that changed the neighborhood.
“Oh, are you finished now … … this has changed?”
The village head who came to see the situation raised such a voice. Jin is good right,
“Also, I’d like to draw a picture on this, are there any paints?”
When he asks,
“Hmm, drawing a picture you say, is seems to be interesting?”
The village head says, Paints to dye leather had been put out.
Jin wrote a big far-flown philosophy about what to draw, red paint on the brush, it was written as “dragon” greatly.
“What is this writing?”
Of course, the village mayor who can’t read the kanji asks. Jin answered,
“It’s an ancient character meaning” Dragon “”
I answered.
“Ho, it’s an ancient character and a dragon, it surely will become a kite flying in the sky”
In addition, Jin wrote the letters of “dragon” with blue and black respectively to the remaining two. It is a good judgment not to have had a picture.
Finally complete with the help of the engineering magic “drying” the paint. The yarn is durable hemp yarn.
“Well, shall we try to fly it?”
“I will accompany you.”
Reiko naturally answers so. Then,
“I have some work to settle, so I’ll see you later”
The village chief said so and then retreated to the office.

Together with Reiko, Jin takes the kite off the table and goes aiming at the direction where the kite is flying.
On the cliffs falling east. Of course there is a strong fence, so it will not fall.
A lot of children who saw the kite from afar were gathering watching the kite flier.
There is one shadow watching over the children.
It was Elsa. Not in a dress, but a casual wear for going walks, but it had lace ornament buttons and so on, on it, and it is raising her beauty all the more.
“… …. Jin”
The face of Elsa turned around looked somewhat lonely.
“What are you watching?”
“The Children: I thought it would be fun”
“why don’t you join them”
As Jin says so,
“No, I am not good with children.”
Elsa shook her head. However,
“Do not you dislike it just because you are not good?”
I said so and showed the kite I got. Elsa seemed to have not understood what it was,
“…, Jin, what is that?”
Flexible kite is characterized by rolling and carrying. It is unreasonable that you do not know as a kite if it is rounded.
“It’s a kite, do you want to try it?”
Speaking of it,
“Kite? That is?”
She seemed to be interested. In the case of
“… … come with me”
Jin slightly frowned, he walked to the place where the kids are kite flying with Elsa.
At first only the young children that were only watching the kite-flier to noticed them. They gather around us one by one.
“Onii-chan, you are cute with Soncho, are not you?”
“Oh, what do you have in your hand?”
“Your sister is beautiful.”
“Small, are you also a chewy guy?”
The last one is for Reiko. Children who have gathered are about the same as Reiko in appearance. She seems to be familiar with Reiko.
“Everyone it’s okay, this is also a kite, and I will show this older sister from how to fly it”

Jin said so and handed one kite to Elsa. It is a kite written in red with the word “dragon”.
“Well, what about me?”
“Yeah, here,”
“But … I, I have never flown a kite.”
Elsa hesitated, but Jin answered,
“it’s alright, the kite made by me will not break easily”
Elsa received a kite and a thread, as it was not that far away. And head towards the kite flying place.
Children who noticed her followed. She stopped at the center.

“Go on”
the children were Pushing Elsa’s back which is bad,
“See, it’s easy to get along with children, I hope you can play beside the other person flying the kite.”
“……all right”
Elsa goes to the side of the fence and spreads the kite. The Flexible kite which blows by the wind from the fold and expands at a stretch. Elsa then let go of the kite.
The flexible kite who received the wind pulled the thread, and the thread balls in Elsa’s hands gently disintegrated. And so the kite soared to the sky.
“Oh! It really flew!”
Without the balancing weight called the tail, the older kids who are flying kites are surprised by the kite which is going to be lifted without adjustment.
“Sister is good!”
Some misunderstand that Elsa is manipulating skillfully.
The flexible kite had a character of its “dragon” high above the blue sky.
Thank you for reading.


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    1. It was Elsa. Not in a dress, but a casual wear for going walks, but it had lace ornament buttons and so on, on it, and it is raising her beauty all the more.

      It was Elsa. Not in a dress, but in casual walking clothes, but it had lace ornament buttons and so on, on it, and it raised her beauty all the more.

      A change of syntax here makes it more coherent


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  2. Thanks for the chapter. The last time I flew a kite was when I was a kid and was terrible at it. I do remember that it had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle design on it.


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