MCM 5-2

Here’s the 2nd chapter of the first batch, enjoy.


Translated by Rabie

05-02 Flat head Village

The horse-drawn carriage arrived at the village where we were to be staying for today, although we arrived while the sun was still high. The name of the village was called flat head village.
“I thought that we would stay here today, but it seems we could have gone for a little while more”
There were many towns and villages in the vicinity of Potlock, and I saw a number of settlements. So it seems there are still a lot of villages ahead.
Kaina village is probably very far out.  I stated to remember how it took over two days just to transport barley to Toka village. It seems like its big enough to say that it is not a village but a town.
“The Elias Kingdom wasn’t damaged as much as the other kingdoms by the magical war, so this much is normal”
“Indeed, wasn’t there rapid decrease in the population?”
“Yes, and the number of people in the country has also declined by half, they have been dispatched to the battle in the middle of the continent, and because of the devil’s runaway”
“Then, why … … Oh, was there little damage to the buildings and facilities?”
“That’s right”
The horse-drawn carriage stopped in the square.
The butler opens the door of the cabin room. Jin and Reiko jumped down. Elsa jumps down as well while skilfully holding the skirt of her dress.
Jin spoke to Elsa when all of them had got down,
“Is there a reason why the village is called flat head?”
To that question Elsa pointed to the mountain rising to the west of the village.
“Look at that”
“Well, it’s indeed a flat head.”
The mountain was flat like the top was scraped.
“Well, that mountain is a flat head mountain, so this village has become a flat head village”
“It seems so”
Four followers and two coaches came up. It seems that the left the wagon to someone else.
I heard that one out of three men is an escort, the other is a butler, the last one is a boy. The only woman among all the women is Elsa’s nanny.
The names of employees were not introduced.

“Ah Lady Randall, you arrived earlier then expected”
Looking to where the voice came from, an elderly man was standing there, with young men on both sides.
“This is the mayor of this village, I indebted to him for taking care of me”
Elsa says so to Jin. Logically speaking because it is a round-trip.
“I am the one that is indebted”
Said the village mayor to Elsa while bowed and ordered the man on both sides to do the same. I go to Elsa who was being escorted by one of the men.
“Lady Elsa will be staying here”
Elsa with her nanny where heading over to where they will be staying for today when asked.
“For those who accompanied Lady Elsa, please come here”
The men each side of the mayor stood ready to guide Jin and Reiko. Jin will go along with those who accompany you,
“Ah wait, Jin and Reiko are to be with me”
Elsa beckoned to them.
“Lady Elsa, may I ask who they are?”
The village mayor asked.
“Jin and Reiko are guests of Earl Randall’s”
The village mayor who heard it when popeyed,
“Ho ho! Is that so! Jin and Reiko is it? Please follow then”
So, Jin, Reiko, Elsa, nanny and the village mayor headed to a big house in the centre of the village. It seems that this is the mayor’s house.
Several employees welcomed them. Elsa seemed accustomed to staying as she went ahead and smiled and nodded.
Jin was puzzled by the unfamiliar welcome.
“Come now, please, relax in this room”
Jin and Reiko were escorted to a room which became a two-room suite, with about 8 tatami in each room. There are two beds in the back room. Then there was a proportion of a gorgeous table set in the front room.
“Is this a rather wealthy village?”
Jin who started to compare it to the village chief’s house in Kaina village. Probably because it has a larger population, it is wealthier.
“Also it’s much closer to the port town”
, Jin then noticed that the state of Reiko is strange.
“Reiko, what’s wrong?  You haven’t spoken since a little while ago, is there something wrong?”
“… … father”
Reiko called Jin with big eyes.
“… Please don’t throw me away”
“I will do my best, so please”!
“Wait, wait, what?”
“I, I wasn’t able to help father!”
“Wait a moment, what on earth are you talking about?”
Jin who can nearly always understand Reiko wasn’t able to comprehend the incoming assault of Reiko’s words.
“I didn’t notice that my father was suffering, and I let that person get ahead of me!”
“You don’t have to worry about that, it was the first time I have gotten car sick, I guess Elsa seemed to have seen a other people get car sick” he said.
“But, but …!”
Jin suddenly hugs Reiko who is still depressed.
“Reiko, are you not my daughter? I will not do things like throwing away my daughter, because you are a girl, you don’t have to rush just to be useful to me.”
“But …”
“I am relieved just because you are near me”
While saying that, Jen who caresses Reiko’s head.
“I was … born to help your father …. If I can’t serve … … there is no meaning to me existing …”
“So, I am already saved just because I’m by your side”
Reflecting Reiko quietly embraced Jin closely.
“Really … …. I … … can I really help you …”
“Oh, of course. You are my proud daughter, aren’t you?”
“Thank you……”
I said that and I was gently cuddled by Reiko.
(Reiko has quite a lot of emotions now)
While thinking so, Jin was stroking the back of Reiko.

“Is are you there Jin?”
While saying that, Elsa opened the door. And saw the figure of Jin and Reiko hugging,
“……I’m sorry”
Elsa closed the door as soon as I said so. The footsteps were quickly going away.
“Oh, now it is Elsa?? I’m not sure what, but what can I do for you?”
It was only Jin who didn’t understand.

* * *

After a while, Jin went out to the garden of the village chief’s residence.
“Ah, that’s a nice view”
Dusk of this southern country is warm, flowering trees are planted in the garden, I do not know the name, but it has white flowers.
The sky was at dusk, where the sun would set over the mountain of Flathead. At that time, I heard something from behind.
Jin looks back at the noise. Elsa was there. I am wearing clothes like a relaxing gown from the room.
“… …. I’m sorry about walking in on you and Reiko a while ago”
She then lowers his head.
“Hmm, a while ago?”
I do not remember being apologized. But.
“I heard that there are those who do that kind of stuff, with a beautiful doll,”
Jen started to have a bad feeling.
“……Wait up”
“Hobby in which a person takes notice not of opposite sex but of dolls”
“……wait a minute”
“Reiko is cute, I understand that you feel like that … … I feel like that.”
As expected, even an obstinate person was able to understand what Elsa said.
After all this misunderstanding. It was heading in the worst direction.
“I’m fine, because I don’t mind even if Jin has a hobby like that.”
Jin cried in His heart with all his might.

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15 thoughts on “MCM 5-2”

  1. Thanks for the chapter. It was kind of funny that last part remind of something of WN novel of a noble who loved collecting dolls and love them. And somehow it reminded me of the movie AI of that gigolo robot played by Jude Law. Since, they are both robots with personality but Jude Law character did his out of profession.


  2. I heard that one out of three men is an escort, the other is a butler, the last one is a boy. The only woman among all the women is Elsa’s nanny.

    I heard that of the three men one is an escort, the other is a butler, and the last one is a boy. The only woman among all the women is Elsa’s nanny.


  3. The village mayor who heard it when popeyed,

    when-> then

    Popeyed- Exclaimed
    I’m a native speaker and I’m not even sure what popeyed means. I mobile searched it, and it was in Japanese.
    Please. To make it easier.


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