MCM 5-1

Alright everyone, time for a surprise batch of Christmas Chapters. Rabie and I have translated several chapters for you to enjoy, the first chunk of which were done by Rabie, and the rest by me. Hopefully you all can have some happy holidays and enjoy all of these chapters. Here is the first batch, released on time for those of you who it’s already Christmas for, and the rest will be released later for those of us who it’s still Christmas eve. As I’ve been rushing to do my translations (I’m still a little behind, but having someone to work with has motivated me) there will inevitably be some errors as I haven’t had time to do a quick edit for him and we’re both rushing. If you see anything, please let us know in the comments below, also, as this is a scheduled release, I will be asleep when it is released, so I won’t be able to correct anything until I get up several hours later. Enjoy


Translated by Rabie

05-01 Beginning of the Trip

It is the start of a new chapter.
It’s the morning of the Promised day with Reinhardt, Jin and Reiko who left “Sea Pavilion” headed to the central square in front of the port.
Unlike when it was the competition, the plaza is deserted and dreary.
“Ah, the smell of the tide mixed with the smell of fish, it is quite unique ”
Jin stood there reminiscing for a moment. Even the same sea breeze is different from the seaside of Hourai Island. Perhaps Jin imagined that this was because there was people living here.
“Father, a carriage has come.”
Reiko’s voice broke such a thought. Apparently it seems that the carriage to pick them up has arrived. Two two-horse carriages came.
“Well, it’s pretty but what a suspension system.”
At having a quick glance at the first carriage, he saw that the arm supporting the wheel of the carriage fulfilled the function of the suspension as it was. Arms extend back and forth from under the cabin.
“But there is no damper”
If it is only a spring, it is easy to get car sickness because the vibration lasts long. Modern cars have a damper (shock absorber) to promptly converge vibrations, but this carriage doesn’t have that.
” Is the wheel made of iron?”
The circumference of the wheel is covered with iron. It will be durable, but the sound is very loud. Well if the ground is made of soil it won’t make much sound.
In the rear carriage, the molds are roughly the same, but they were somewhat old and the decoration was a bit plain.
“We are the back carriage”
When thinking about such a thing, a horse-drawn carriage stopped in front of Jin and Reiko, and a man with the atmosphere saying that every part of his being is a butler got off of the rear carriage, and opened the door of the previous carriage.
A girl whose face was shown from inside blond that it is near silver, light blue eyes, white skin. Reinhart’s cousin, Elsa Randol.
She jumped off the carriage without anyone’s hand. Whilst jumping, she held down the skirt so that it didn’t turn up.
Today she wasn’t in her swimsuit, she now looks like a young woman in a colorful dress like a nobleman’s child would wear. It was a simple dress, but the cloth has gloss was sewn carefully. Collar, sleeve opening and hem, etc.
“Jin, Reiko, Long time no see”
“Oh, it’s been a while.”
The butler glared at him, but Jin didn’t notice.
Jin presented Elsa a scarf in my pocket. But Elsa shook his head,
“Good, it’s better if Jin has it.”
Elsa said that and then instructed the butler to load the baggage of the Jin and Reiko on the carriage who previously came down the carriage behind. Since there wasn’t much baggage, the butler finished loading quickly.
“Now then, let’s get on”
Elsa invited Jin and Reiko to hop onto the carriage.
There are three people facing each other in a cabin that could let six people ride.
When the butler asked if there were any other people coming, Elsa answered that it was only herself, Jin and Reiko.
Jin and Reiko sat towards the direction of the driver, while, Elsa sat behind the driver facing them.

“Are you ready to leave?”
When Jin nod to Elsa’s question, she drew a string. It seemed that the end of the string is extending to the seats, so it can give simple instructions to the driver, such as halt or advance.
After she gave the command the carriage started running. As they were moving the wheels started to make a noise, did it go over a protruding stone? The room shook with a feeling like it was tipping. It seemed that you will feel uncomfortable if you don’t get used to it fast.
It was as if Elsa foresaw that.
“If you feel Sick Just say, I will cure you”
She told me. There seems to be some easing method. Continuing from that,
“I came because elder brother Rye wasn’t able to come because of some unforeseen business ”
Elsa explains so. Reinhardt seems to be busy person.
“Yes, thanks for that”
Jin who wasn’t able to grasp the difference of polite wording between himself and Elsa, let the atmosphere around them turn strange. While looking at Jin’s awkwardness,
“you don’t have to be polite, I’d like you to talk to me like you do to my elder brother.”
Elsa said, hearing that Jin relaxed his shoulders.
“Well then … … Thank you for coming to pick me up today.”
Elsa nods.
“I wanted to have a long conversation with you, therefore I came.”
Saying that Elsa breathed out,
“elder brother is one of the top magic engineers in the country, Lorelei who was made by Jin even made elder brothers Lie lose, I wanted to get a understanding of your skills”
It was a very straight-forward question. To guess from what Elsa was saying with her way of speech, the conversation didn’t seem to be a very good topic.
“Well, I think that it would be better if I had Reinhardt her as well to tell that story.”
Jin who tried to dodge the question said. Elsa who nodded agreeing asked,
“Well then, is there something Jin would like to ask?”
Jin thought for a moment what to ask from Elsa,
“Well then, where is this carriage headed first?”
I asked for the destination of the carriage.
“From the port town of Potlock, to the region which holds the capital of this country, where elder brother currently is”
“What is the name of the capital?”
As expected, when hearing a surprising question, Elsa’s eyes grew a little. However, it immediately returned to original,
“The capital of the Elias Kingdom is Borgia(Borussia), did you not know?”
“Ah, no I didn’t know. Because I was living on an isolated island, I don’t know the current situation of the continent.”
When Jin talks a little about the setting that was previously discussed,
“Well then I will tell you a bit about the Elias kingdom.”
Elsa began to explain by saying.
“The Elias Kingdom is on the Elias Peninsula and the Elias Peninsula protrudes south of the Continental Lorain”
“ah, I knew a little bit about that”
“Then the Elias Kingdom is divided into four provinces, it is only really necessary to think that it is roughly east, west, north and south”
“Okay then Potlock would be the southern province”
“Yes, that’s why the province we are heading to is in the North and its name is Nord”

[norudo][ nordoh]
As Elsa paused explaining. Jen remembered the terrain that Sky 1 mapped out in his head. It was now possible to understand it.
“There are four main roads in the Elias Kingdom, all of them extend from the capital Borussia to the east, west, south and north, so far you understand?”
“Oh, so then can I say that the road to the north goes to the continent of Lauren, south to Potlock?”
“That’s right, the importance of the east and the west provinces is lower than that of the north and south provinces ”
“… wait a moment”
“What’s wrong?”
Elsa who was obstructed by Jin in the middle of the story with his eyes supported himself, but Elsa immediately realized what was wrong. Although Reiko didn’t seem to know why Jin is having a blue face.
“Leave it to me”
saying that Elsa took the hand of Jin after saying that.
“… Healing”
Then, a warm thing flowed in from Elsa’s hand, Jin who felt uncomfortable, felt a refreshing feeling.
Jin asked as Elsa let go of his hand,
“Oh, ah, I felt better. Thank you, was that magic just now?”
“Yes. Aria of [shouro] imperial country method”
“Yeah, of course, after all, it’s for a person who is quite drunk making them feel comfortable?”
As Jin asked,
“Yeah, those who get on a carriage for the first time usually feel sick.”
“Is that so”
“… ….”
Reiko was depressed. Even though Jin felt sick, she didn’t notice and he was cured by someone else in front of her.
“I want to put on a damper,”
Jin didn’t notice the depression emitted from Reiko, and talks to Elsa.
“What is a damper?”
“Ah, how do I explain it, it’s a device that suppresses shaking?”
“Suppress the shake …”
Even to Elsa, although it is vague in the explanation, it seems that she understood the explanation on how Jin’s damper works.
“It seems to be difficult with this structure,”
Jin who told Elsa that he wanted to install a damper for himself as well.
“After all, Jin’s ideas, I want you to tell me a lot during the trip”
To Elsa looking at Jin with expressions like curiosity,
“Ah, great”
Jin answered lightly. Reiko kept staring silently.
It is still the beginning of the trip and I would like to experiance this world through Jin’s point of view.
And Reiko, what’s wrong?

Thank you for reading.


22 thoughts on “MCM 5-1”

    1. Jin presented Elsa a scarf in my pocket. But Elsa shook his head,
      “Good, it’s better if Jin has it.”

      Needs reworking, I’m not even sure what it’s trying to say.



      1. (Over one year later…)

        The scarf should be a handkerchief. More specifically, the handkerchief Jin received to prove his identity when he was to be picked up by Reinhardt’s servants. Jin thought to return it since the stated purpose of him holding it was completed, but Elsa refused with “It’s fine, I’d like Jin to hold on to it.”

        Furthermore, in volume 2 (red-haired magic craftswoman) it was stated that an object (back then it was a money bag) with the insignia of a noble house could be shown in other places to receive preferential treatment because of your connections. So Elsa and Reinhardt are fully intending to support/curry favor with Jin in this volume.


  1. “Jin presented Elsa a scarf in my pocket.” Er, what does this mean?

    “Lorelei who was made by Jin even made elder brothers Lie lose,” who’s Lie?

    “Well, I think that it would be better if I had Reinhardt her as well to tell that story.” I don’t think Reinhardt is a verb.

    “It is still the beginning of the trip and I would like to experiance this world through Jin’s point of view.” Is this author’s notes?


    1. Sorry, we were rushing for a large release, so the quality dropped. I’m still behind on my portion a little, too, but there will be another bulk release either later today or early tomorrow.


  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    I think there´s a mistake here:
    [“elder brother is one of the top magic engineers in the country, Lorelei who was made by Jin even made elder brothers Lie lose, I wanted to get a understanding of your skills”]

    Lorelei is the mermaid golem created by Reinhardt. So the the correct sentence should be:

    [“Elder brother is one of the top magic engineers in the country. (But) even Lorelei who was created by elder brothers Rei lost to Jin. (So) I wanted to get a understanding of your skills.”]

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    1. Also could this sentence [It is still the beginning of the trip and I would like to experiance this world through Jin’s point of view.] actually mean:

      [It is still the beginning of the trip and ‘I would like to experience this world thoroughly* was Jin’s point of view.

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  3. still waiting for the edited version to come
    anybody know when it will be? reading this one makes my eyes hurt and brain freeze for some reason


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