MCM 4-6

Here’s a surprise bonus chapter, courtesy of RabieInfestedMan, he decided to try out translating and has provided this chapter. He said he might translate more in the future and plans to do a few more this month, so you’ll definitely get more. I’ve gone over it and made sure the translation had no major errors, and I gave it a light editing, but as usual, it’s inevitable that I’ve missed things, so let me know in the comments below. I’ll have 4-7 out tomorrow, so enjoy for now.


Translated by RabieInfestedMan (I’ll just call him Rabie from now on)
Edited by Nexias – Sorry for the very late editing guys T-T Was in pretty much the same situation as Falinmer, but mine were spread out over a few weeks  😦  Sorry!

04-06 Confirming the Location of Hourai Island

Day 8

“Father, Sky-1 has come to report.”
“Has the result of the reconnaissance come back?”
Jin, who finished breakfast, and was drinking tea while waiting for the report, hastily headed for the laboratory. The laboratory is better equipped than the “House”.
When Jin and Reiko got to the to the basement hall of the laboratory, Sky-1 was already waiting.
“Oh, Sky-1, have you finished the aerial reconnaissance?”

“Yes. I have created a schematic overview of the area surrounding Hourai Island.”
Saying that Sky-1 spread out a big piece of paper. So to say, it’s actually the leather of a demon beast tanned white. It’s a durable material that could even withstand 1000 years without breaking.

“Hmm …’
Jin was impressed with the schematic. It was drawn beautifully.
The Map centered on Hourai Island, heading east was the ocean. On the west side part of the continent was drawn.
“This continent is the continent with the Klein kingdom and the Elias kingdom.
“Yes, that’s right.
Sky-1 affirmed Jin’s guess.
“Alright, continue investigation from the sky with this condition. While you fly over the continent, do not let the people below you, become aware of your existence」
“Yes. I will fly as high as possible.”
“Yeah, Do that.”

Even if there were health concerns for humans when traveling through the sky such as atmospheric pressure, oxygen concentration and coldness, the golems aren’t affected.
Jin continues to examine the map.
“This must be the Kingdom of Elias. To have such a form, and this is probably the area that I boat raced, and this is Io Island.”
And if you look even closer.
“Is there another island between Hourai Island and the containment? Which is much smaller?”
Jin thought that the Island could be an outpost for Hourai Island or maybe a villa.
“The use of the plane is permitted. Take some of the Army Golems and aircrafts and investigate the island” (飛行機は復座だよな) (TLFalin: Rabie is doing a good job so far, this is the only one I can’t figure out either, but he hasn’t missed anything yet.)
“So, if it is an uninhabited island, then I would like to make it into one of our islands. And we can call it the main Island.”

Jin called Soleil and Luna as well as 5 colored golem maids, Marine-1, Land-1, to explain the Future plan.

1. When inviting someone in the future, first invite them to the “Villa”.
2. The “villa” is thoroughly maintained, to show that it looks like Jin is living there.
3. When it’s time, it will be treated as a dummy for Hourai Island.
4. The name of the island is “Kunlun Island”.

It was a hobby of Jin’s to pick out such names.
“Did you understand the policy and the finer points getting stuck in the future? 」
in the confirmation of Jin, everyone who was there answered with yes.
“If you don’t have enough manpower, just tell me and I will send over more”
“Yes my master, if you are offering that too, please increase the number of your subordinates.”
since the 5 golem maids asked altogether, Jin accepted. Besides Marine-1, Sky-1 and Land-1 there was a Shortage of people.
“Ah’ understand.”
That was why Jin decided to increase the number of golem subordinates that day.
“Father, Is your Magic Power ok?”
“Oh, there is still room for more.”
“I guess that’s alright then.”

Actually, since Jin’s body is sustained by magical Power, the quantity of active mana that it possesses was an extraordinary amount or it would be impossible. It would be a while before Jin notices it himself until his peers would point it it for him.
Reiko had no other choice but to stay silent as there was no evidence.
That’s why if an ordinary mage had tried this they would have had used all of their magic long ago, and finally the golems were finished.

Five golems each were directly commanded by Soleil and Luna. The names are Planetarium 1-5 for Soleil, and Satella 1-5 for Luna. The type of model was female.
The 5-colored golem maids each had 90 bodies. Including the 10 previous bodies, there was a total of 100 bodies, which also donned the Female Type model.

80 golems each for the Sky, Marine and Land golems. A total of 100 bodies in each faction. The number of course, was 21-100. The Type of model was male.
“Ah, I’m really tired … ‘
Jin muttered while he relaxed in the bath. I got tired more physically then magically.
Even though Jin let Soleil and Luna, as well as the Planetarium’s and Satella’s help him with the golem creation, it would still be a world record of most golems created in 1 day.

“Reiko, how is the availability of materials? 」
it seem that Jin also became worried because he consumed large amounts of materials to create all the golems.
“Yes, it is okay. It is safe to make over 1000 more golems, with copper, nickel and steel, light silver, adamantite etc. as for 1000 years, the golems just kept digging without rest.”
“Originally, this island was abundant in mineral resources that’s why mother chose this Island.”

Due to their nature, the underground resources within the vicinity of Volcanoes are often known to be there. Reiko also explained to Jin that the risk of eruption was magically observed and relaxed.

“The predecessor was amazing”
even in the modern Earth, it is impossible to defeat the energy of a volcano.
“Would you like to go to potlock in the afternoon tomorrow?”
The promise with Reinhardt is after 10 days. It is the day after tomorrow.
“I did so much in these 8 days”
“Yes, indeed father.”
Reiko who refrained from standing reports.
“Reiko, thank you for helping out.”
Thank you so much Reiko.
“No, it’s because I exist to serve you father”
While answering Jin, Reiko seemed to be happy
“It is true though, well time to get out”

Reiko handed a bath towel to Jin who just got out of the bath. Jin wiped his body and got dressed.
“Reiko, what is today’s dinner?
I asked.
“Certainly, it’s grilled fish and fried shrimp.”
“Oh! That sounds delicious”
Because there is oil, breadcrumbs, wheat flour and eggs, you can make tempura and fry it. Of course it was taught by Jin.
There was something like a sauce so there was enough to be fried.
“Ah, it’s good.”
Jin muttered satisfyingly while eating persica after his meal. (TLFalin:I have no idea why the author chose to use Italian all of a sudden, it’s a peach that he’s eating.)

“I am honored by your words, father”
Luna in charge of the meal tonight happily said. Soleil and Luna are recently having glimpses of emotional expression, so it must be from the influence of Reiko.
(But it is still different for human beings)
Don’t say it out loud, Jin muttered solely in his mind.
Whether it’s Reiko or any other golem, they are absolutely obedient to Jin who is their creator, so it is sometimes lonely.
(After all I wonder if humans want to be among those who are Human as well?!)
Jin who was thinking such a thing was looking up at the night sky from a window.
“Is father not cold?
Reiko said,
“Ah, it’s Alright”
As I answered, a nostalgic memory of living in the Kaina village came to mind.

On another note: Since Jin unconsciously absorbs external magical power from his surroundings, the magical power within Jin doesn’t reduce much. This is also a benefit of the body he was supplemented with when Jin reincarnated.

(EDnexias – Needs confirmation on this last bit)


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    1. I´ll mark the changes with rectangular brackets: [ ]

      Whether it’s Reiko or any other golem [there] are absolutely obedient to Jin who is [there] creator, so it is sometimes lonely.
      Whether it’s Reiko or any other golem [they’re] are absolutely obedient to Jin who is [their] creator, so it is sometimes lonely.


    2. emotional expression it must be from the influence of [Rieko].
      -> [Reiko].
      “Is father, is it not cold? 」
      Reiko said,
      “Ah, its Alright”
      as I answered, it was a nostalgic reminder of living in the Kaina village.
      “Father, is it not cold?”, asked Reiko.
      “Ah, it’s alright.”
      As I answered, I had a nostalgic reminder of living in the Kaina village. / As I answered, I was nostalgically reminded of living in the Kaina village.


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  1. Meatbun Delivery~
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  2. These chapters of them sitting around on the island are rather dull
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