MCM 4-02

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Sorry for the late edit guys~ But this chapter was actually quite well done by Falinmer himself, so everything should be fine. 😀
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04-02 Failure Teaches Success

The next day, Jin started making the magic communication device.

A magic eye would fly and send information from a distance to a magic screen.

Free ether, that fills space, vibrates under certain conditions and can transmit a wave.  It is similar to the relationship between air and sound.

Taking advantage of this, a magic tool capable of transmitting sound was also developed. The device was named ManaCom. (TLSilent: something like mana communication I think.)

The magic screen and magic eye were combined to make a TeleCom.

「Right, you can now communicate with the ground with this.」

A protective device was then prepared.

「It would be nice if we could use a barrier to reduce the physical impact on the body.」

The idea was so that you wouldn’t get hurt in a plane crash.

A magic device that created a barrier against physical damage was placed under the seat.

In case of escaping, a parachute was needed. Jin made a parachute from the thread of a Ground Spider. It was both light and durable.

「If you attach a small Magic Jet Engine, you can slow the descent velocity and control the movement.」    (EDNexias: Why not just invent a jetpack? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

This is different from a normal parachute and the benefits are still unknown.

After that, with all the safety measures, the construction started on Unit 2.

The base was the same as the first unit except the shape was changed to a more sophisticated form. Parts where more strength was necessary was reinforced with Adamantium.

Furthermore, an extra seat was made for Reiko.

So far so good.

The problem is how to avoid sucking in solid materials into the engine.

Jin was troubled by this problem for some time, then he suddenly got it.

A physical defence ward would be placed under the seat.

It was a barrier but there was no problem with people inside running out of Oxygen. That meant that it lets air through it.

「Ah, but I’m not sure if it blocks winds above a certain speed.」

It would let magic such as Strong Wind or Blowing Wind through.

「Ehh, I see, the Magic Formula here… does this.」

Jin started to investigate the Magic Formula of the physical barrier ward.

Previously in Blue Land, he demonstrated his ability to evaluate Beana’s magic tools.

As a result, the air intake inlet was made to repel substances other than gas. Liquids and solids were blocked by the barrier.

The barrier could cover the entire body of the plane.

The only drawback was that it would let wind magic through.

Finally, a Magi Crystal was added as spare fuel. Should the ether converter fail, it would still be able to land safely.

「In the end, the security measures have to be considered.」

The control core of the navigational aid system was recovered from Unit 1 and was copied to stabilize flight.

「Alright, let’s go.」

That afternoon, prototype Unit 2, loaded with Jin and Reiko, soared into the sky above Hourai Island.

「Wow, this really feels great.」

Jin was ecstatically flying in the sky for the first time. Incidentally, the manoeuvres were mainly done by Reiko.

「Father, this plane is a lot more stable.」

Even though the final shape was adjusted by intuition, it seems to have worked.

「Failure teaches success, don’t be troubled by it. The efficiency of the new model has risen.」

With Reiko as the instructor, Jin started learning how to steer the plane.

「Please slowly get familiar with the controls.」

Gradually, the steering transferred from Reiko to Jin, and by evening, Jin was the one piloting the plane.

This was made possible due to the navigational system.

(TLSilent: I’ve basically given up on this pair of sentences, I have no idea what they mean.)(EDNexias: I’m thinking the navigational system is a form of auto pilot, that keeps track of everything, like those thousands of gauges you see in a real cockpit.)

「Ah, this feels great.」

After safely landing, Jin was in a good mood. Reiko was also happy.

「It feels like I’ve seen some good dreams today.」

Soleil and Luna are waiting at the house with dinner waiting. Jin walked back with a slight gait.

The next day, Jin tried to build himself a boat.

The hull shape was Trimaran. Similar to a Catamaran, it is suitable for high-speed navigation. Moreover, since the power source and cabin can be placed in the middle of the hull, the centre of gravity can be lowered.

The hull was mostly made from Light Silver and,

「The engine…is this!」

Based on the Magic Jet Engine, a Magic Water Flow propulsion engine was developed. The wind magic was just replaced with water magic and the efficiency remained good. Of course, the principle is different from an actual Water Jet propulsion system.

「It must avoid sucking things in OK.」

They had learned since the accident of the Bird Strike, a ward was modified to stop solids such as aquatic plants from being sucked in. After lunch, Jin took the ship to Tatsumi Bay accompanied by Reiko. The boat was carried by Soleil and Luna.

「Right, do you want to go together on the maiden voyage?」

Unlike an airplane, a boat is relatively safe. Jin started to manoeuvre the boat. Since there was no known boat steering system, it was controlled like a motor vehicle. Pressing the accelerator pushes the boat forwards, stepping on the brakes triggers underwater brake plates, forwards and backwards is controlled by a lever. A steering wheel turns the boat left and right.

「Oh, this feels comfortable.」

The prototype boat sailed from Tatsumi Bay.

「Alright, time for a maximum speed test.」

Jin fully depressed the accelerator. The Trimarans speed went up, the maximum speed is about 70kph.

「That’s enough. Well, Reiko is still faster.」

Jin murmured while looking at Reiko in the passenger seat. Reiko heard it and smiled happily.

Jin was now proficient enough with the boat to sail it back to the port where Soleil and Luna were waiting.

「Well, this prototype boat NO. 1 we will name it Hydro 1.」

Water contains Hydrogen, so in a sense Jin might have picked a good but unusual name.

「Oh yea, let’s call the plane Albatross.」

Jin named the plane Albatross because it resembled the shape of a bird from earth.

(TLSilent: Not sure about that albatross line)(EDNexias: The burd burd burd, the burd is the word…)

The next day,

「Right, I think we can start mass producing the boats and planes.」

The ship was for island defence while the plane was for reconnaissance and defence. He wanted to use them to get a better understanding of the world.

「Reiko, give the airplane to Soleil and the boat to Luna, get them to make 30 of each.」

「I understand.」

Since it’s only replicating a prototype made by Jin, it can easily be done by Soleil and Luna. Although, just to note in case, this cannot be done by the general golems of this world, only the most high performance golems can do this.

Jin is not conscious of the comparison because the only technology he knows concerning magic engineering was taught by the previous Magic Craft Meister, who was capable of making super advanced golems and doll automatas.

(EDNexias: But he just encountered some golems… No wonder why Reinhardt wants him >.>)

「Because of that, I’ll be making golems to pilot the boats and planes. Reiko help me.」


The golems were built with a focus on lightness so Light Silver was used.

Because it had been done many times before, 40 golems were created unceremoniously. As said before, Light Silver is an isotope of Titanium, which allows you to change colours depending on the oxide film on the surface. So, the sky golems were made light blue while the sea golems were navy blue.

「Right, now to use Knowledge Transfer Level 4… It’s good that I’m accustomed to it.」

(TLSilent: not sure about the second half.)

On the first time he tried, Jin accidentally transferred to much knowledge and the backlash he received was huge. After getting accustomed to it through repetition, the time required to transfer knowledge was now shorter.

「I’ll name them Sky 1 to Sky 20 and Marine 1 to Marine 20.」

(TLSilent: what? Only 20 pilots for 30 machines?) (EDNexias: Seems legit.)

Of course his naming sense hadn’t changed much.

「Sky 1 and Marine 1 are the respective captains of the Air Force and Navy.」

With this, the defence of Hourai Island became a lot better, even without weapons.

「I don’t want to make too many weapons…I wonder if I have a choice in this world.」

Jin decided that with demons in this world, forces for self-defence would be required.

「Aside from that, Sky 1, using your subordinates, reconnoitres around Hourai Island and make a map. I’ll teach you the procedure now.」

You can use knowledge transfer to teach the necessary knowledge in a moment. This is a lot more efficient than teaching humans. Knowledge transfer is not effective in transferring knowledge to other humans.

The position of Hourai Island would probably become more important in the world, Jin looked forward to the results.

「Now it’s time to think about armour and weapons.」

Jin’s desire to make things was not restricted.

「First of all is armour.」

Considering the materials, Jin headed to the underground warehouse.

(EDNexias: Called it, Jin uses a super alloy that has never been seen before, with op statistics)


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