MCM 4-1

This is the first of a few chapters that were done by Silent before he left the project. Please thank him and check on his translation of Legend!

Here’s the synopsis for Legend in case you’re curious.

Living in the Tohoku countryside, Saeki Reiji lost his life in an accident during summer vacation……However, he found himself in a white world with a strange glowing orb in front of his eyes. The orb claimed to be a magician of a different world, and he was looking for a person who would inherit the magic he had perfected in order to prevent the knowledge from disappearing. With that, Reiji, equipped with a new body and powerful magic, went to live in the world of Elgin

Edited by Nexias!

04-01 First Flight

After admiring the scene that was Port Rock, Jin took a short trip back to Hourai Island.
He would later return to Port Rock at another date for another 10 days, before he planned to visit the Imperial Aristocracy of Cecilio with Reinhardt.
They gained a lot of things from visiting Port Rock. Fish sauce could be found but sadly there still wasn’t any rice.

「Ahh…as I thought, baths are great.」
There were only showers in Port Rock, so for the first time in a while, Jin was relaxing in a morning bath.
「Father, I will wash your back.」
The line was from Reiko. While she had the appearance of a 10 year old girl, she was actually a super automata, capable of fighting an entire country. (ED: (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง)
「Ah, thanks.」
While having his back washed by Reiko, Jin was thinking of the future.

「I want to make a high speed vehicle. I think an air-plane that uses a magic jet propulsion engine would be appropriate.」
A jet engine that uses wind magic. Making jet planes before propeller planes was made possible thanks to the unique trait of this world that was Magic.

After getting out of the bath, Jin prepared a large amount of 《Light Silver》.
《Light Silver》is light weight and a good conductor of magic power. Its identity is the element with the atomic number 22, Titanium, with the 26 neutrons replaced with magic particles.
(TLSilent : trouble with 魔力子, have translated it as magic particles for now)
It was no wonder that Jin chose this as the material for the aircraft. It was also decided that the windshield would be made from a transparent crystal instead of glass.

It was possible to start construction of the plane straight away because he had already decided on the materials used.
「Hmm… first is normal tapered wings, we don’t want swept wings.」(Straight Wings and Angled Wings, – vs v, respectively.)
From the beginning, there was no plan of the aircraft that would break the speed of sound. (ED: The pilot would go splat unless magic plot armour >.>)
「Now, where to install the engine?」
The thrust should be along the aircraft’s centre of gravity to make it easy to balance.
「It can be put at the back, just before the air intake.」

Gradually it began to take shape.
「The problem is the flight control system.」
You couldn’t make a real air-plane cockpit from a model one. There wasn’t that much information from games.
「Well, elevator control stick, rudder, and this will probably move the ailerons」

He decided on the operation of the plane from his very limited knowledge.
「Throttle and brake, brake has to connect to the flaps… 」
Working earnestly, Jin finished his construction in no time. The mass of 《Light Silver》had now transformed into an air-plane, clad in shining silver.
「Autopilot is not possible but it’ll survive running by itself for a while.」
Just like the time when constructing a golem, and with the previous experience of making a glider golem, a navigation aid system was assembled.

In this way, it was a prototype made a combination of technologies.
That afternoon, the first prototype aircraft was completed. 5 parallel runways were made by golem No. 1, under the command of the Land Developer Topaz.
(TLSilent: I think that’s what it means…)
「Well, let’s run a test flight.」
Jin was about to board the plane in high spirits when,
「Father, please wait.」
Reiko stopped him.
「According to what you said, this magic device is going to fly in the sky?」
「Ah, yes.」
「Although I believe in father’s technology, if by any chance it breaks, what will you do? 」

He hadn’t considered any safety measures and didn’t design a parachute.
「Please let me try first father.」
Reiko is a super automata and could easily cope with most situations thrown at her.
「Mmm, I understand Reiko. I’ll leave the first flight to you.」
「Yes, I understand.」
So, using information transfer, the knowledge on flying planes was passed to Reiko. The seat height was also readjusted because it was too low for Reiko.  Finally, it was time for the first flight.

「Well then, time to start.」
The wind was weak, the perfect weather for flight, so Reiko started up the Magic jet engine.
There was a sound from the air intake as the prototype began to glide. As the speed gradually increased, Reiko moved the control stick.
「Yes! It’s flying!」
The prototype lifted slightly and began flying into the blue sky.
「It’s a success!」

Reiko flew around the periphery of the Island and when she became familiar with the controls to some extent, she began to test the limits of speed, climb, dive and sharp turns.
While it was only a visual estimation, the speed was about 400K/ph to 500K/ph. There was no problem with stability during climbs, dives and sharp turns.

This is largely because of the 《Light Silver》which has a 5 times greater strength property than Duralumin for the same weight. In addition, the navigational auxiliary was also learning and starting to support.
「Ah, I want a communication device.」
A video camera can be reproduced from the magic eye monitor and magic projection screen he saw during the competition in Port Rock.

「I should make a magic ear and magic mouth.」
The names were only tentative for now.
The sun was starting to go down, so Jin signalled to Reiko to come down.
Reiko lowered her altitude and came back towards the straight runway. At this point in time,
A flock of birds, returning to their roost, flew across the front of the airplane.
The birds struck the fuselage, covering the windshield with blood and the magic jet engine started sucking in the birds instead of the air. It was an accident called a『Bird Strike』.
The magic jet engine, which had swallowed a number of birds, began to stall and abruptly stopped. With the view also blocked by the birds, the aircraft lost balance.

The result was that it simply fell out of the sky and crashed.
It crashed from an altitude of 50 metres and was destroyed to the extent that it was a total loss. Needless to say, there was no fire as it was a product of magic engineering.
Jin rushed over to the crash site. The location was marked by the assistant golem, with Soleil and Luna accommodating Reiko.

「Haaa, haaa.」
Jin was gasping for breath as he reached the crash site.
「I’m very sorry Father.」
Reiko deeply bowed her head.
「Re-Reiko, are you okay? Is your body hurt or anything?」
To Jin’s question,
「I’m ok. This body was made by Father so there are no abnormalities anywhere. However, I’ve broken the plane you gave me… 」
Jin hugged Reiko,
「Idiot, we can remake the plane. But Reiko, there’s only one of you.」
「Father, I’m a doll automata. Father is capable of making anything whether it is this body or another one.」
Reiko said with her head against Jin.
「Idiot. You are you, born from today’s experiences and memories spent together, something only belonging to you. Even if a similar automata was made, there’s only one of you Reiko.」
「Father…」(ED: liek and subskrib If u cri errytim)
Reiko buried her face into Jin’s chest.

「……Thank you very much.」
And in a small voice,
「Reiko is very happy.」
With a smile, Jin replied
「Let’s go home. So that a second accident doesn’t occur, the second prototype will have some more improvements.」
「Yes, I will do my best to help.」
The broken aircraft was transported by Soleil and Luna, following Jin and Reiko as they headed back to the laboratory.


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    1. The issue of bird strikes occured in the past of real airplanes.
      As a result the construction of real plane engines is done while testing them of being able to withstand sucking in birds by having the prototypes suck in dead frozen birds like ducks, turkey or so.
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    2. For most planes, they fly at too high of an altitude for birds to be an issue since they can’t survive up there, for the low flying planes, they normally make a lot of noise as is so most birds stay far away and they’re small enough that they can more easily avoid them.

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      1. The whole scene reminds of “Indiana and Jones and the Last Crusade”. When Indiana and his father are escaping the end up on a beach with Nazi plane coming down. Then Indiana father causes the seagulls on the beach to fly up and head into the Nazi plane and causes it to crash.


    3. I think if it really happen, there’s no way to deal with it except landing as soon as possible.
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      1. I thought plane nowadays can fly with just one engine working. They have 2 engines for easier control and redundancy. They cannot take off with one engine though. I got this information from National Geographic Channel though when I was young so I might be mistaken.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter. The last scene where MC tells Riko that is one and only her. Reminds me of the Star Trek movie Nemsis. Where there is another “Data” and that at the end of the battle the real “Data” sacrifices his life to save everyone. And the copy “Data” takes his place and was kind of an emotional scene that this new “Data” is not the true one and effect the captain very much.


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  4. I thought that Jin was heartless towards Reiko as she’s an automata as he let her fly it first wthout any safety measures taken. But he apparently has enough emotions for her. That makes me happy.The last part was especially heartwarming.
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