MCM 3-10

Translated by Silent

03-10 Death Sea Serpent

For now, Reiko and Reinhardt remained at the rental dock. Then they all felt a strange magic power for the sea, they became wary.
And then it appeared.
「Uwa, ah!」
Surprised voices sounded.
With a neck projecting from the sea level in the harbour, it was a huge serpent. It was approaching here at tremendous speeds.
「Death Sea Serpent……」
Someone muttered so. That was exactly right, it was a giant sea snake called Death Sea Serpent. It’s length was over 10 metres.
「Yes creator.」
Reihardt’s golem emerged from the sea.
「Defeat the Death Sea Serpent over there!」
Reiko headed towards Reihardt,
「Please wait, Reinhardt.」
「Hm? What is it Reiko.」
「Um, do you know that demon over there?」
「Ah. I’ve only just heard of it. It’s a huge sea snake that can use magic power. Of course, magic with the water attribute won’t affect it.」
Reihardt accumulated magic in his right hand.
「What is effective is……」
At that time, Lorelei hit the body of the Death Sea Serpent. With this, the speed of the Death Sea Serpent fell.
Angrily, the Death Sea Serpent opened it’s big mouth and tried to devour Lorelei.
「It’s fire magic! ……Flame Lance!」
Aiming at its open mouth, Reihardt fired his magic. It had a fast speed as wasn’t difficult to aim, it hit the open mouth of the Death Sea Serpent.
The Death Sea Serpent gave a Gyaaaaa cry and thrashed about. Lorelei had already escaped.
「I’m a bit sympathetic……..but with that rampage that seems impossible?」
As it thrashes around the harbour, it created large waves. Small boats swayed like leaves and were overturned.
Jin and Marcia’s Cygnus is a catamaran and is very stable, with Arrow’s skill to manipulate, there wasn’t a need to worry for now.
Reiko confirmed it,
「Reinhardt, I’ll stop the Death Sea Serpent for a little while. In the mean time, please do what you did before and bombard it with magic」
With that said、she jumped into the sea without even waiting for Reinhardt’s reply.
「What? That girl?」
「That’s reckless! What is she thinking?」
Such voices rose from those watching.
Reinhardt, believing the words of the artifact automata Reiko, started to accumulate magic in his right hand.
It was harder to swim without the swimming suit but in a short period of time, Reiko made it to the Death Sea Serpent and decided to try striking the body. She started with 10% output.
There was a sound like striking a lump of iron.
Although he believed in Reiko, Reinhardt truly doubted his own eyes. Reiko’s upper blow blew the Death Sea Serpent a few metres away.
The Death Sea Serpent’s body was 50cm in diameter. Half of it lifted out of the sea. In reaction, Reiko sank to the seabed.
「It’s truly hard.」
Reiko sank into the sea, letting herself sink, she put a foot at a time onto the seabed. Then, kicking hard against the seabed, with that momentum, she plunged towards the Death Sea Serpent.
After rampaging and taking a single blow, the Death Sea Serpent’s movements had become somewhat slow in Reiko’s eyes. With that, it was hammered with two more intense blows. This time it was with 20% power.
With that blow from beneath, the Death Sea Serpent was blown into the air. Receiving an impact it had never experienced before, it was half unconscious. Aiming at the open mouth,
「Flame Lance!」
Reihardt’s magic exploded. With much more accumulated magic than the first time, the head of the Death Sea Serpent was blown off, the sea stained bright red with blood. With no head, the body of the Death Sea Serpent started floating around with the waves.
As Reiko dived into the sea in reaction, Jin looked at the situation. Swimming underwater, the blood wouldn’t be there, she soon rose to the surface near the shore.
Just there, Jin was accompanied by the Guard Captain
Reiko was soaked, but the moisture was scattered clean with one swing of her arm. The special (rare) material wasn’t just for show.
On the other had, the Guard Captain was stunned to see Reiko strike the Death Sea Serpent. He hurriedly put away something into his pocket that had been concealed in his hands.
「Jin and Reiko,」
Reihardt hit Jin across the shoulders,
「Oh、Jin! Your Miss Reiko is amazing! I really didn’t think it would be enough to blow away the Death Sea Serpent! I will, after the time the competition has finished, invite you to my empire!」
While they were talking in a normal tone, cold sweat flowed on the Guard Captain’s back as he listened to them.
(No way……this guy is……you have to be a big shot to be invited to the Shioro Empire……it’s a good thing everything didn’t go as told. Anyway the boat is safe, the results are not going to change.)
Jin didn’t notice the true motives of the Captain and called Arrow. The waves in the harbour had already settled, the catamaran Cygnus immediately came alongside the pier.
「You called?」
「Un, Arrow, just to hear a little from you, but before the fire, did you see anyone suspiscious?」
「Yes, now that I think of it, before the fire, someone came by with a red stone.」
「Red Stone?」
「It might be a Fire Magi Crystal. Well, with the time to put it in place, it is possible to ignite a fire.」
Reihardt, who had been listening, said so. Jin was of the same opinion.
「I-I see. Right, so the person who threw the Magi Crystal was the arsonist?」
The Captain asked in a nervous tone.
「Thats right.」
「I-I understand. We will look for the culprit. Sorry for the trouble. Release Marcia.」
After the Captain said that, the carcass of the Death Sea Serpent was cleaned up and quickly carried away.
「I don’t understand, how was the demon floating over there killed?」
When Jin asked Reinhardt,
「That’s right. With the help of Miss Reiko, I managed to defeat it with fire magic.」
「Hmm. Reinhardt is also good at magic.」
Jin said so admiringly
「No, no, it’s all thanks to her.」
While saying that he showed a small wand made from Mithril Silver. Its size fit comfortably into his palm. Jin looked at it,
「I see! It’s preloaded with magic! With this, you can easily activate magic just by sending mana.」
Reinhardt heard it with consternation,
「What! You saw through its function with just one glance, as expected of you! Jin you’re amazing! Really, I want you to come to my country at least once.」
He hit Jin on the back while saying so. Jin, moved by his spirit,
「A, ah. I want to go by all means if an opportunity comes.」
And that was his answer.

*   *   

In the warehouse district in the area with a rental dock nearby.
「I’m really sorry, it seems to have been a failure.」
The big man apologized to the somewhat delicate man standing in front of him.
「It went off track due the the Death Sea Serpent.」
Because of the commotion with the Death Sea Serpent, the fire hadn’t become a big issue.
「No way, the boat escaped to the sea in advance. However, they’re a lucky bastard. There’s no way they could have seen the Death Sea Serpent coming.」
「Well never mind,this time I’ll smash their production.」
With that conversation, the two men departed from that place.

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  2. Just to point it out…

    「Yes, Souieba, Kajinomae, Darekaga, Akaiishiwo and Conde went by.」

    Is probably along the lines of “Now that I think of it… Before the fire, someone came by with a red stone.

    Souieba = Now that i think of it (roughly)
    Kajinomae = Before the Fire
    Akaiishiwo = (VERBED) a red stone, (as in THREW a red stone, or another verb)
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    1. Thanks for pointing that out, I just double checked the original (I just copy and paste the other people’s work, and I just realized I forgot to say Silent translated this chapter). The problem was because Arrow speaks in all Katakana, so the original text looks like 「ハイ、ソウイエバ、カジノマエ、ダレカガ、アカイイシヲ、ナゲコンデイキマシタ」. Thanks for pointing it out though.


  3. honestly I thought this series died off since the translator poofed but im quite happy to be wrong i just realised I missed a few chapters so thanks again and thank you for continuing the series 😀


  4. “With a neck projecting from the sea level in the harbour, it was a huge serpant.” *serpent*

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  5. 「I-I see. Right, the arsonist who threw the Magi Crystal, was it a man or woman?」
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    1. Thanks for pointing that out, I went and checked the original text and Silent mistranslated it a little. Properly translated it is “I-I see. Right, so the person who threw the Magi Crystal was the arsonist?” or something like that, the proper translation is up in the chapter.


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    1. In way I do agree. But, he may act like that because is not careful he could end up in a lot trouble in that country. Similar to the 1st and 2nd story arc. He might have figure out the noble who is after the blond girl in this arc is the one doing this.


  9. That poor guard captain. He ran over with a pokeball when he heard of Gyarados appearing at the dock but it was already killed. He then put the pokeball back in his pocket disappointed with not catching it.


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