My Plan

This is not going to be a main hosting page, I only intend to place some chapters here occasionally when we are not making progress for egregious amounts of time (like now) that way our translations can at least get out there. As such, I won’t have ALL MCM chapters on here, but I’ll have some when for when they’re not put on Natsu’s page. I’ll only be posting 1-2 chapters per month, mostly on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. I’m unfamiliar with how to mess with wordpress, but I plan to fiddle with it a little here and a little there to improve the overall appearance and use of it, if you have any questions or advice, please leave a message on this page.

For your information, I live in the US in time zone UTC -7, my planned release time is around 8PM my time.



10 thoughts on “My Plan”

  1. Hi Falinmer
    I would like to ask you about Natsulus is he checking his website?or could you contact him for me? because there is someone that would like to pick or make Isekai Tensei Soudouki (LN) that Natsulus have as teaser as potential project.
    And thanks!


    1. Is this you saying you want to pick up the novel to translate? or is it just giving the chapter? Either way, machine translations are fine, I use machine translations myself.


    1. Do you have Discord account? It’s easy to send stuff over that without having to give away any extra information, and my user name is the same there. If not, my junk email is (please try to find another method, I don’t want to advertise my actual email and my junk is full of, well, junk, I may have trouble finding it in there.)


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